Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni in which Chunmun Liability says she used to call without him and around the web, Aman says whatever we say we can’t do anything until we find out her weakness. We have to keep her happy. So that she can help us get through the first challenge. Shayari and Rihan plead that calls to whom Jin wants to be freed. Rehan says no, we are already dealing with Kala Jind. I don’t want anyone else Days disturb us Aman says that we will be scared of Chunmun so that his truth is revealed, we will attack him with war, he is a gene, he will come in his real avatar only when he says that we should start making balls by fighting We have to say, we celebrate, we all say that I do not know which insect has bitten me. I will tell Grandma.

She sees a blister on her hand, she goes to the square. She is caught by the webs. He fails to drive the grandmother. Dadi says that we will always be connected with bluetooth, we will attack Chunmun with engine hitting balls, Roshni hits him in front of Chunmun He shoots the balls. He stops Chunmun changes his direction and goes. Rehan and Shayari come down when the bottle falls somewhere. They have an eyelid. She stops hurting Rihan and he is a thorn Breaks Gin says thank you for freeing me Shayari asks her to help her by telling her whose name is Gin who says that it is not easy to tell you its name but still I will help you Natasha comes and gin Killed, he disappears.

She remembers making a deal with whom Rehan and Shayari go to the chowk.
Salma slips on the stairs and Jang shoots her down and shouts and tells Roshni to come fast to Aman. Everyone runs in. Natasha attacks Rehan. Rehan defends. She says that your magic is not working. I am with Black China. Her cave. You have no way to escape. You better come out. Rehan says that she was aware of how she became Jin and asks her to go and help him. He says I will see him. Shayari can not be afraid, if she is Jin, then I am aware, I see what I do.

Everybody falls asleep after seeing Salma signed Chunmun in the web. Chunmun says that you know I am a spider web. Aman says that we will know how to kill Jin, Chunmun says that you come but you have no idea about people, think about killing me only when Zee signed it all is caught Then Ji says that we have to find out his weakness. I hope it will be known that the spider who reads the book brings the book. Tabiji says that you rob me of the book and ask him to take it. Aman does magic. He disappears. Roshni asks what will we do now, how will we reach him? We say that we know the weakness of the spiders, then busy says that this means that the sale of the spider will say that we spiders. Teji can not stand the light, the light gets a sense.

Natasha says that I wanted to catch you, I know I am going to kill you. She looks at the shayari dupatta and we guys. Rehan says that we are out of the cave. Your game is over now. Natasha says that the game is not over yet, she disappears. Has put a light on his option, goes away, the magic goes and blows some things in front of him, he will not see anything. The light says that I am blind you say that I am blind but I am not saying that She was blind. She does not have any weakness. Tabiji says that she does not want us to know that Roshni says that maybe Shayari knows. Grandma says that Sara did not come back to the center. Is she in trouble? His train is late.

He says that there is no call. Roshni asks if he behaved strangely. Grandma says that a kid had swollen his hand and the scar had turned red, then Ji says that the spider bite him. Tha Chunmun says that after you are dead I will eat you all the struggle Aman and Roshni ask him about Sahara She says that Sara is here to find her if you want. Aman runs. Chunmun says that your magic will not work here. He sees all around forged, then he comes to call them. Is that both of you can’t spell my business. Roshni knows her. She says that this is a brand for you. You are not doing well with me. Roshni asks her to free her mother immediately. Chunmun says you are with me. You are being abused. Your anger will cost you dearly. They listen to their posts.

Precap :

Aman and Roshni get threatened by Chunmun. Roshni attacks him.