Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Amar stopping Roshni from attacking Chunmun and he says that we don’t know his weaknesses, if we attack him, he will get angry only when he asks him to call Rehan and Shayari. We call Rehan and Makki asks whom Rehan says he can’t stand in front of you Shayari says let me talk I’m offering help Rehan and Sarika Tarak Aman stops them And asks to speak to shayari shayari says that everyone whose weakness is her heart you can fly on whom the elders can attack again maybe we get some time.

Aman asks can you get it she says Yes Roshni says don’t come home. It’s not safe. Aman asks how will we get Shayari says Rent is the way. Roshni looks at Salma and cries she says we will set you free soon. We will come and Hugs Roshni for comforting her. Rihan says I’m going to find Natasha Shayari says she is your First love is it is not good to go to her when there is a problem Rehan says that it is not good to do injustice to anyone. I am sure that Natasha’s name is Jaan Ki Jaan. I know her weakness. I will tell her name. She says that I will come and see your talent. He says there is no need. You will spoil the plan. I agree to take him.

Golgapp’s man abuses Aman and all. He says that Mukesh should attack whom Aman asks that Have you got the oil? The man says yes, he comes and asks what you got. He says Golgappa that you want to eat it. Less people are happy. She says it’s not good. It throws the pot down.  that youmyWhy did he say to Shama damage I blind I will compensate you send the man to grandmother comes to sorry to be coming told to stay inside the asks tell heart wardrobe .

How can a good be found inside this small box? Roshni says that we have to attack. Looks at the box and does not see peace and light Lets see smiling. Smiles tries to fool Natasha. He says he was busy with Shayari. I left him because he is a duffer. Shayari gets angry. He keeps Natasha close. He says that he is a hunter. You know these and a jeans can never unite. Shyari hides to hide. He flirts with Natasha and goes to see Aman and Roshni.

He opened the door and saw Golgappy. He says that I go in your feet. For we have kept Golgappas. You always make me angry. Your child is sleeping the same. Am I in his trap that Aman says please do not do anything. Roshni throws a spear at his heart. He removes it. It is said that the heart of the spider has happened and my heart is not here. I have hidden it somewhere. Aman asks what do you mean that you do. I am sleepy. You can go, then I say that I got out of China. Shayari makes a big mistake by joining hands and looks at a spider and shouts, I come out of the cupboard, shayari and quite f Brings you both in the game you are not going to play, then ji says I got something I show them the glass ball.