Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Roshni saying that Kwaya is probably the two flies we will save Sara and Alma. Aman sees the time. They go and see the fly live. Aman hears the padyatra and says that the padyatra is the sound of two people Roshni Said yes, why can’t we see it? Aman says that the spider who did not have a heart means that we are not able to see other spiders that Roshni says that there is a way to find out that they put some powder on the floor. Roshni is chasing maize gin who asks who it is she comes out.

She says Armaan you come here she eats and laughs she goes away Aman and Roshni go for a walk. He walks the map of 2 people Aman says that our suspicion was correct. Another Mukesh ji is with him. Roshni says that she is blind. Her heart is outside her body. They are connected. I ask how we can get rid of her. She says that we Something will have to be done soon,

Aman says in the morning that we have a few hours to save Salma and Sara, then only Ji says yes, Aman says That we need to get out the second spider Armaan smiles, the window opens, the lights go off the window, the wind chime goes, Roshni asks how the sound is coming, the voice is contested by her twin, Chaman asks her to hide And she comes to Sharma and cries Chunmun asks Roshni to talk to Salma Roshni says I will not let anything happen to you, don’t worry Salma gestures to Roshni Roshni asks what do you want to say Salma points to the thunderstorm, Roshni sees the windmill in the web, she says what is the relation of the hour, I am about to tell Aman.

Aman stops her, they say Chunmun comes, light brings a spoon and bowl Chunmun’s twin brother appears. He goes to the chowk. Chunmun’s bowl disappears as his twin disappears. Aman says it means the bell that comes out after hearing the light says that we have to keep doing it otherwise we How will Aman say that it is not possible that traders are stopping Rihan and Shayari are in the car She tries to open the radio. Rehan argues. She listens to Natasha on the radio, yet if she sees it, then she will face a lot of trouble only when G subtracts Aman and Roshni and asks who to take care. 

Natasha says that’s not easy to get rid of them know that stops maybe he calls that says Rehan went down must inform us that Grandma peace and light Chunmun hours Grandma says that Aman and Roshni find a way to bring the twin out. Rehan says no, stop Aman, we will be in trouble if the twin comes out, she is powerful Shayari and I can find one. Looking for a way you all just hear a voice Grandma says I should stop Aman and Roshni.

Chunmun asks what is this, stop this hour Grandma comes running, her twin comes Aman says that she is very quiet Shut up and get ready, when the family comes, ji has ripped off the lights. Grandma comes to them, has thrown a light spear and turns around and arrows. She says that you are intelligent but no more than us, you will die on my web in 1 hour, then both of us will eat you. She sings of Chunmun Javelin Throw and Chunmun asks what will you do now. All will be dying. He laughs Aman and Roshni are seen.


Chunmun asks Aman to find his son in 5 meters. Aman and Roshni look for the child. He sees a sack falling down. He goes to the square.