Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Chunmun singing and saying that we will give children black gin Roshni says Armaan and worries she thinks that your father will protect you, trust your mother and father, Roshni gives powers from Armaan free them from the trap Grandma tells how Hai Aman signals her not to talk. Chunnu plans to eat them Aman and the family slowly move away. He collides with a full donation of PA and presses Chunmun. Asks who is that person making a cat’s voice Roshni goes to help her.

Shayari says no network. Rehan says my phone is not working too. She says that your brain is not working. You have not started the work. We can go home and help Aman and Roshni. He gets down from the car to see who he is. He sees the pomegranate falling on the car. I joke on him. He is scared of the spider. He sees the spider unable to walk on the pomegranate juice Aman and Roshni take Armaan to Aman Roshni take Armaan to a safe place She says that we can’t go without you. She says I don’t know how I didn’t. She tries what she says Babu will do. Just come back to the room and raise the baby.

Keeping the lights says spider who also sealed the house only ask that you live you light say try not know I did, but did not he say something used to power some time that some It is not affecting them. She says that like you, you had to kill yourself with a sword only when Ji says that when powerful people, his eye can kill his power, Roshni says that we have to kill them only then Ji says that We have to go with them carefully Roshan asked how we will be saved Rehan calls Aman and asks if there are pomegranates at home Aman asks why Shayari tells everything only then Ji says thanks thanks for the pomegranate works. Hai Amar thanked him. He says that now we know what to do.

They all make pomegranate juice and put it on themselves Apply Grandma lives with Armaan. She goes to get milk. Everyone tries to think but it does not work due to the pomegranate juice. She gets stuck in her own web. She asks who is the mind saying that we Its both of us get caught and start buffalo. He starts laughing. Grandma sees Armaan going. Chunmun says that we have already done it once. You have not thought about your weakness while finding our weakness of peace. It is said that Grandma is with Grandma and says that where Armaan is, he disappears. Where is my child, he says that you have not got time to play with your son, we have a chance to play you. You have to find him and then can’t see his face. I ask where he is. I ask who will find you and the family looks for the child. He sees some boys, then runs to get it and falls down. Aman Roshni goes.

Precap :

Aman and Roshni try to save Armaan from the web Roshni cries.