Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Karthik and Naira looking at the pictures of the child sadly. She says that Chhori gave this last hint. She says that she loves you and doesn’t care about her life. Naira says that I have a weirdo with her. Feels like a bond, maybe she is of our daughter’s age. Is she our daughter? She says not to be with her. So we should let her go. She says she will leave and just her memories. Chhori remembers his words and gets sad, looks at Keerti’s picture Naqsh asks what happened Keerti says that I am getting the laundry bill Naqsh says that you get his fine by saying exactly no.

I think you are hiding something, Aditya comes and says that you are right then you are hiding something. When you know the truth then let Kirti do some insinuation. I will tell you what to do with Karti. Has anyone had a dream that what happened is coming to you, then hugged for days, he smiles and says that you He loves me very much I love Karthik hugged Naira. He misses he romances .

Chhori cries in his room. He remembers Karthikeya’s words. In the morning Akhilesh asks why so many gifts Karthik said it is Chori I promised to give him a gift. He did a lot for Naira and me. Gayu says that Nehru will be sad because Chori is walking. Naira goes to see Chhori. She looks at the bullets on the path. She says it means That he did not take from. He examines Chori. Karthik runs. She says that she has a high fever. Akhilesh says I will call the doctor. Who has a high fever? You gave her the medicine. Naira says she said That she has medicines. She does not know how long she has been sick. She should not have anything because of me. Chhori says I have not gone to the ashram. Chori gets Sudha’s message. She cries.

Chori says I do not want to stay here. Naira and Karthik see the stolen family. They cry with joy, saying that she did not take medicines. Aarti says Is that she remains ill and does not send us to her. Ved takes care of Chhori. Naqsh gets the picture. Aditya sees the picture of Aditya and looks at Aditya outside. He goes .

Kirti Chhori’s what do you think. Ho does not say anything and someone praises Chori, she says that she is going to the ashram again, she should not run away from there, I am worried we have no relation to stop, people of the ashram will come to pick her up. I feel bad. And want to stop him says he will stop her she asks do he say just listen to me here we should stop him we like him he can be part of our family she is angry she says we stay here Will asks, shakes head everyone smiles. Grandma comes home and meets someone. Grandma says I met Manisha. She is happy too. You also talk to her. Karthi says yes Grandma asks what are you talking about theft Karthik says that we think we should keep him no he says he has not disturbed you grandma says I am tired I want to rest for some time. Aarti says what good grandmother has come to know. She has no objection. Naira says she knows you are not happy. We should talk to her. Ok, she says she will understand.

Precap :

It is said that we will fill up the adoption form. Sudha says that we have got a good family for Chori. She is their daughter. Karthik and Naira get depressed.