Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Karthik and everyone is surprised by the theft. Na Re says that we have not let you go. Chori asks you, that is what I mean, she stops everyone smiles Chhori hugs them. They don’t think anything of their mind. Karthik comes back. Naqsh looks at her. She says that I went out to get orders. It was wrong. I will say that when something wrong comes, she should shock him. He goes to make tea. He says why is he hiding a big thing from me.

Karthik says that this is the way of adoption. After filling it, we will start the process. He asks a bit of his real name. Chori says Chori Naira It says that Bittu does not lie, it is stolen. I do not like Bittu. Now Surekha says that we are not like a stolen name. Sauri asks them to think of some names. Name will be Krishna, grandmother asked to stop Karthik, I ask why are you adopting Chhore Kartik is left. We all want this. Everyone requests Dadi. Dadi says that if we like someone, will we keep them at home? She knows cows.

Kartik says she is an orphan. Dadi asks if we have an orphanage open at a house. Send her to Nehra’s ashram. She can be good there. The slogan asks why she cannot live here. Dadi says you will know when relationships are affected. Is when many Ram read to talk with his parents and with him, what will happen? Karthik says that we will talk to him saying slogan says when she sees I am very sweet then she will become friends. Don’t worry that we have to sign the papers. Sauri smiled and Karthik and Naira’s signature goes away. Sudha comes with a couple. I say I have come to take a thank you to God for fulfilling my dream. I was going to call you Sudha says I was busy and did not come and adopted Mrs. directionless Bittu says Karthik That we want to adopt Krishna legally, Mr. Desai says that it cannot happen, we have submitted the papers.

Mrs. Desai says that we have already made all the arrangements and does not say that we want him to be here Karthik Says she is happy there she says sorry she has a daughter who is still legally Mr. Desai Asmita Desai asked not to tease the girl. Grandma tells them to give it cries on theft cries Says call him Karthik says how will we tell him Mara says that we have to tell him Chhori thinks to hide somewhere, look for him quite a lot, says that he is not somewhere he will listen to us u say that maybe He runs away and someone looks for him. Chori hides inside a suit, closes, looks at him and says I am not getting it now, says I think you have done it or not says no We are looking for him. He thinks where Chori can go. Karthik says that I do not know where my phone is, I call. Naira screams for Karthik.

Karthik hears and comes to pick up his phone, sleeps, stops, did you get the phone? He says why is Kat out of color. I try to open the button. I find him Is and sees Puri inside. I miss. He runs angry. He takes the chori and takes care of them. They cry then ask that you are a superhero who saves everyone. Naira says that you risked your life. Did you understand why you did this? Chori says I want to be with you, I explain to go with some agar. Chori asks if Bhima is not a good parent. I do not trust birth. Both are enough for me. I do not need anyone. Now I am here to save me, who will save me there. I say that I promise you to tell me whenever you are in trouble, I have asked how you will know that. Says that the superhero has super power just call me and i will come to save you.