Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Karthik and Naira telling Chori not to go with the family. Chori gets depressed and sees the form of adoption. I tear her up. Narayan hugs her. Mr. Desai says we should leave now Super Na says that Naira and Karthik will get the girl. The cows say that we will miss you a lot from the morning. Grandma says don’t look at me as if I have committed a sin. I said what is right. We have children in the house. It would be that if he goes to a house where there are no children, Karthik and Anjali take Chhori. Karthik asks her to secretly remember his codeword Superman. The slogans ask Chori to look at his mother and father. Chori goes to Sardesai. He opens arms to smoke cigarettes Chhori goes to injustice and injustice.

Everybody cries and presents him. The cows say I want a daughter like you. Chori narrates jokes on Akhilesh mustache Maheshwar na koe bites. He said that I will get well soon. You come with me to his new house at 9:00 am. Asked to say something to Grandma, I will be happy. Grandma says that she says anything. Sorry, you have done this. Grandma says that I will know you now. Seeing innocent face, I come to know that forgive me form. Sorry, forgive me, bless me from Dadar. Chori says, I will never forget, I never got so much love. I also love you very much. I scolded you so much. We joined you when you are leaving. I think you are taking something from our hearts. The slogan says that we will never forget you. She would be happy to know that I left her. Aarti says that you will be your parents’ princess.

Everything will be yours. You are already our princess and someone cries. Karthik and Naira wear her a crown of Chori. I do not want to say that Karthik says that people are there you have to go. Sorry, she runs to hug Karthik and Naira. She is left for her parents and Sudha. Is it for the good of all that Akhilesh says that after meeting Manish, two people have got permission and asks not to go. Is not. Aditya thinks about agriculture and looks at it and says that she has got something for you. She gives me a small ankle, why did you give it to me? She leaves the dream.

You see her sleeping. She checks the meaning of the dream online. When he comes to Karthik he says that I love you too and sleeps. He kisses her. She says that it was a dream. What could it mean. She is sleeping. Karthik asks to awaken the lioness in her religious time. She says let me sleep. She says I don’t want to get up. She says that you need to drink tea and do yoga. She says no. I say you ask them to fly to get it. She says I She wants to do this at night, she asks that you are right, yes I feel, I say everyone goes to sleep when she wakes me up she comes and says I knew you Forget me .