Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

 The episode begins with Karthik coming up with Naira. She dances happily. He asks what is going on. She asks him to guess. She asks what we want when we get on the speed breaker. Says speed breaker she says no i will give another hint what is it she says pencil and little pencil she says you are stupid he tells her to talk grandma and everyone fixed things for sweets and donations Dadi says Manish is happy there but he is not recovering Akhilesh says that we have to talk to Manish and worry he will be alright.

She says that I am going with this hope on Narangbari Karthik asks a girl. Naira says that maybe I think he asks what you mean. Now he said I have not done any tests but how the symptoms are. Lazy is tired of craving. Feeling of your weakness Thinks about it, she says I send the date that I got a dream Krishna saw me a little baby anklet, now I have understood the meaning of this I am very happy you are going to be a father again. Will become a bad elder brother. Balloon flew. The cows get the balloon. Naira smiles. Why is Thea shy? She asks to ask the cows. She shows them again in the morning. She asks the truth and hugs Naira.

Akhilesh comes. Tell us we will also dance. The cow also asks the child to embrace Naira. Karthik’s grandmother looks at Akhilesh’s grandfather Grandma’s mother asks her to take the family forward. She looks like she congratulates hell. Suvarna says that our happiness will return soon. Suvarna says that Krishna has moved to her new house and today we got the good news of freedom. I will go and bring sweets and salt and mirrors to avoid evil eyes named Lord Vishwakarma Will drink