Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with the result of the blood of hell. The fear of seeing the syringe is afraid not to be afraid of the slogans, otherwise she does not give it to her children. The nurse said that you will get the report by tomorrow. Karthi says that we Tomorrow, I will tell Karva Dey that she comes home and breaks down Kirti and everyone runs to her. Kriti says everything was ruined. Naqsh asked me to leave the house. He worries Bhabhi Manas to come in and think about Kirti Asks to call back. Naqsh breaks down.

He says why does this happen to me. I always loved Keerti and trusted her what she did. She cries. Kirti cries. Grandma asks what happened. Tell us why it will not do so Kirti says that Naqsh does not trust me. He feels that it is not for our son. Akhilesh asks what the hell is Surekha asks. How many years later did you save or else say that some work should be done Should Kirti asks if you know morning does not ask that you knew about it, says no I am sure that Aditya has done this. Karthik looks at Kirti. Naqsh says that he got it secretly.

Does he believe in her more? Kritika says yes Aditya did it. He has upset me so much. Karthik asks What he wants is Kriti Krish says that she is claiming that Krish is her son. Grandma asked what are you saying are you conscious? Akhilesh and Surekha ask how can you call it a divorce. And after getting married again, Naira asks Keerti to tell her everything. What’s the matter, Kirti tells Karthik to look at him and is not afraid. He says that we know you haven’t done anything wrong, Keerti says. Is that after a few years of my marriage, I went to a friend’s party.