Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Beginning the episode, Aditya says that if I am true then no one can stop this from coming to me. I am angry. Slap kartik takes him out and knows him. Now Aditya goes and thinks everything is fine. Goes but do not doubt it will be all fun. He says that he will complete my revenge. He smiles and goes. Naira says we know what giving is a healthy man. Tell Kirti that we don’t need Ritu’s test. Hai Karthik says Shama, map is not easy, but we read our relationship at such a time, we are intelligent, you will not make my mistake, okay you trust your wife, I love you so much she can never cheat. You do not hurt her.

The relationship will end if love and trust is over. Sister-in-law asks Marx to end the conversation. Keep it baffles everyone. He holds her and asks what happened to me, are you not well? Naira worries about Naksh agreeing to agree.Naksh asks Kirti to come home with him. Posted he shakes head Nara and Karthik’s map thanked he kritika hands over the map grandma says thanks Surekha says that Kirti is lucky to have a husband like Naksh Kirti says that Naksh and Kirti have a lot of love Naira was knocked unconscious Kirti runs Hai he says I am not happy I had to do all this. Naira wakes up Karthikeyan The doctor has asked you to rest.

He has asked how my children are showering on him. He smiles. He says that call from lab The test cost has come in. We are going to be parents. We will become big brothers. He hugs her. He says that you will get the supplements. Your pregnancy will be right and someone smiles and congratulates them.