Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Karthik and Naira talking to Rawat. He asks them to steal and send the disconnect. Surekha asks Chhori why she interrupts Aai Nehra saying she is a baby. Chori says I will say sorry to her. Naira says my birthday is over Karthik says I will convince you tomorrow we will cut the cake and feed it to everyone.Key’s fork Naira says this is the first piece for dad not to feed Karthik Takes one. They have a moment. Everyone smiles. Chori looks light turns off. Naqsh says we wanted to give you something unique like you. God did not make someone like you. I thought I would gift myself Let me give it to everyone, so everyone who wears as a copy of you wears Naira. They dress and dance like Naira.

Naira dances with everyone. She is given Karthiki and gifts. She likes earrings. Says that you thought i forgot your birthday will always be special for me i love you She says that I love you too, you may get angry but our love will not be affected. I am sure they dance. Her dream is over and she kisses him on the cheek. They are away. Thanked he says no mummy told me he tells him to stop the doctor comes everyone stopped the dance.

Karthik asked that father’s report had come the doctor says yes it is not good we don’t have a lot of time We should decide soon the results can be bad. His behavior will be complicated with each passing day. He cannot remember you all. Suvarna asks if there is no cure. The doctor says that surgery is safe. Karthik says Is that surgery is risky? It did not happen. His life may be at risk. Doctors say yes but Karthik says that I can not make any loss to his life. I cannot say that we all need him. We can’t look at him like this, we should take this risk. Karthik says I don’t care If he does not recognize me then I read about it. Surgery is risky.

Surekha says what can we do if Manish troubles himself. Karthik says I do not agree to this surgery It is said that all of you can finalize it and take the report. Naira takes Karthik with her. She says that it is not easy to see parents in this state. We always care yet everyone has rights to Manish. It is not just your father. Think of you as a person. I did not think I should listen. Doctors take a second opinion. Surgery meets us and we share a doctor. We take Dad abroad for surgery. Can we not delay? Are you understanding? He tells him to shut up. He says that I was not afraid of your surgery or the surgery, I wanted your life more than your memory. I want Manish’s life. She is not understandingnot your father.

She says don’t pull it. I can answer if I want to. Hati, you are talking about him, not about the accident. He says that even his imp. He says that you are talking about risking Manish’s life. I am not a child or a fool to reduce my crime. Some other way that everyone looks at Naqsh says that I think I should explain to Karthik. Devyani says that it is not her thing. Karthik says that he is not our father, he is my father, let me know this from him. I don’t know what is right for her. I know that she says that I never understood the difference between you and me. She is also my father. Is this your home and family? Who am I? I’m not vibrating You do not talk to me well. I did not accident that you are intentionally hurting me. You blame me. There is a limit to tolerating it. Just stop saying that Manish is your father. You want to show that I belong to Manish. No if you why i’m here i can’t be here in my punching bag.

Precap :

He away she cries walksnaira Sorry dad i hope you forgive me she leaves the house looks at karthik