Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Naqsh and says that I can’t see Naira like that. I will go and talk to Karthik. Sister-in-law Maya and Devyani don’t ask him to leave. Things can go bad. He says things can be okay. I will talk to him. Let me go. He says no, go tomorrow morning. We will see what to do in the morning. No, I have seen Karthik go out. Surekha says that maybe he went to meet Naira. Akhilesh says that the pain Ok Karthik went to see a doctor Manish asked the doctor to show him the report of Manish from a neuro surgeon Suvarna says that she could go in the morning Akhilesh says yes he wanted to go Suvarna says that Karthik for his father’s sake Will not charge for any storm or rain. He gave medicines to Manish tomorrow. We will see tomorrow, we will not say that we will keep Ganpati at home tomorrow. Surekha says that all goes well. Naira checks her phone this morning. She picks up Karthika. Chori sees the cutout, asks if you forgot her face, see she is your husband.

Naira asks Where did you take her from the stolen backyard? She looks right to stay there. You are upset. You were taking her name even in your sleep. Naira asks how do you know Chori says I came to ask you about her picture again. Naira said, “No Chori, I got your picture. She says that Nakash said,” Ganapati is coming, I have to see she goes. Naray Karthik cries talking on the pictures. Naira says that whenever you want Send me away from yourself. All the people perform Aarti Puja in both the houses. The cows feel comfortable and hold their stomach.

Naira and Swarna pray for Manish to be well or else pray that everything in the family be well-known. Says that Karthik has not called 1 has gone to meet the neuro surgeon. Naira says that I wish Manish gets well soon. Kirti says yes we want father to get recovery. Kirti gets a call from Aditya says no I know his call why he is calling what he wants. Tell me the reason for your stress. Kirti says that father Jaji is still small and says that not everyone is small. Why I am bothering you. Tell me the map brings a lot.

Kirti says that some people are not alive and do not let others live, to fool me. Blackmailing Naira asks her to file a police ticket. Kirti says I will handle her. Naira says I did not leave her. Vannaksha. They say you have heard it wrong. Naqsh says Kirti Naira. And I will go and take my anger off. We will talk to Kirti. I was going to talk to her at night. Naira sees Kirti. She says yes we will talk to her. Sister-in-law Maya gets dizzy. Devayani approaches her. Hai and says that I was very worried for Naira that Hrithik did not make any call. I am worried for him. She comes a bit and says that Naira was crying Kirti is sad now why are you worried Devayani says nothing Bhabhi Maa He has a headache, Chhori says that I will give a massage, I will not put it first, you will make the turn better. Strange to support Yya.

She tells her sister-in-law not to cry and believe in God. They ask her to shut up. Naqsh asks that you were serious to talk to Karthik. I am angry with me. Know how much you love each other. The cows come home, then ask why did you drive and I will say that I feel suffocated in that house due to Samarth’s restrictions. Naira Sauri says that I am Sorry hug her. The cows say I was missing you and the family, so I have come. She asks if you guys have had tea. I wanted to say that we have coffee now that we have tea. And we will make breakfast, we will go out and celebrate. The cows said yes we will get fresh air. Naira says I will come later. The cows insisted that the cows in the map ask everyone to meet Kirti and by then she will get tea and breakfast again. Naira asks about Karthik and everyone goes to keep the cows happy. Naira says its difficult. I am trying.

Precap :

Kirt She says you said that you will take care of my father. I will take care of my father. Karthik says that he is also my father. He remembers Naira’s words and feels bad.