Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Karthik not stealing. He tries to open the door. He tells him to open the door. Naira removes the ring and she shows her finger mark. She puts something close. Chori says I can’t trust Karthik. She says that I don’t want anything. This door is not open. Karthik says that he is very stubborn. How to explain it. The right thing is happening to me. Kriti asks if I said something wrong. Suvarna says that it was wrong but Karthik gets his mistake.should convince Nehra that Realizes she .

Surekha says that if she agrees then not knowing Naksh says it will not be easy to explain to her. Pandit comes. I ask her to start. Chori says I like her. Left I ask what are you angry about, Sauri says no one she lies. Naira goes to check the door. Chori says I have survived no one. Will I lie to you Naira says enough I am going to make tea. Have you wanted anything, Chori says, chocolate comes together and says don’t open the doors yourself. Tao asks if anyone comes, Chori asked what she did where Karthik is a dog inside Naira’s room. Seeing his cutout he smiled. He says what I am doing here. I think he was missing me a lot. He was remembering that he gets the ring. He thinks why he removed it in such a way that I never do about my meeting with Pandey ji. He says that she is thinking about divorce.

Chhori comes and asks Is that how you came here? I have to meet Naira or else I will be mad. Stealth tells her to go to the kitchen and talk to her. Karthik comes to Naira. The theft is seen. Karthik apologizes to Naira. He says It was shocking that what happened to me, you can’t take any decision. She thinks that I am talking to Manish Kesari about Dr. Pandey. She says that I do not care what you think I am. I will do what I think is right. This decision is not wrong. They say that it is wrong. We decided it last time and regret it a lot How are you able to do this? She says that I tried to convince you that you did not listen. He says that I will obey you. You did not do that. It is not right. You are angry and beat me with a broom. Didn’t divorce me. She asks what you said. He says have you removed the ring from anger. I have seen my appointment with divorce lawyer Pandey. Please do not divorce me. She thinks.

She beats him. He says don’t kill me. No one ever thinks what they think Chori is like. Aren’t you thinking about it? Nara says she cried so much the last time. I ask that you remove. She says that the doctor’s name was probably you divorcing me. Want he never says she says i took out the ring my ring was swollen maybe go with this bite daddy needs you he says daddy you want she says shemaa you have no choice left for me Says i will listen to me she says i don’t even want to miss .