Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Karthik apologizing for holding Karthik and Naira and everyone else is at Goenka’s house. Karthik cries and says Kin is angry at me okay I came to apologize I’m sorry he goes to Naira. Embraced Chhori prays Naira says you said that you stay here till I forgive you then why are you going now Karthi says that I saw your face and realized how much I have hurt you forgive me. Don’t, she says I will punish you so that you are making this mistake by Nathdwar. He says I accept it.

He says that I have to wish you a happy birthday. Everyone comes back home Chori dances. Kartik says Nax I am sorry Naqsh says that Naira can forgive you. Maybe I am not about it. I have hurt my Naira many times. I love you so I can’t do anything, but I stop Rahu. That let him stay I would have reacted like him. Mother in law tells him not to go home. Ksh asks Naira to get Kirti’s clothes Karthik thanks Chori. He says I will never put you on. I promise I will get toys and chocolates on your face. She goes Chhori stops them. She gives a bite to Manish.

She says that I wanted to be friends with her and wanted to play but I still have to live yes I have no problem. Everyone loves me. I will not do Naira and Karthik says you have made this card, you give it to Manish. De Chhori asks if I can come with you, says there, I hug her and says that I will go. I ask that you are sure Karthik happens. Yes, it is a matter of few days, then the people of the ashram will come to pick her up. animals that asks Surekha or what you thought about it or says Kartik it will hear angry babe comes and says Kartik I Halle where manu I made a card for her to come Karthik and naira house Else hugs him and says we have let you go.

Karthik says I promise Am it will not happen again. He says that Chori will stay here. Chori goes to eat. Karthik and Naira say we will meet or else she says she is not in her room asks what happened why are you worried otherwise Is that Dadi calls the care center to tell about the treatment, so she takes Kirti and Akhilesh, says they should wait for me or else says that they were in a hurry because the man was leaving for Mumbai Tha Naira says that Manish feels comfortable with Manish. Surekha says that she will stay with him otherwise sorry we did what we thought was right. He says I know who did what. He calls Kirti and says Without asking me, Kirti brought about the father saying that he did not even think that my father did not worry that this right decision will not come back I will be able to stay with the able father Karthik is not angry I will get upset that I am not with him. She says that she will come to meet him next time okay.

Chhori asks if I cannot give this card to Manu Gayu says That keep it safe when it comes back, give it to him. Karthik remains restless. He tells him to talk to Manish. Akhilesh calls him. Karthik looks at 19 on the video call. Manish says that there are no friends at home. It is not that Karthik says I will take care take care of slogans and sleep. Naira hugs Karthik,

Naqsh takes care of Kirti. She asks if this is something we did wrong. He says you don’t talk to Karthik. Should have done but it does not mean that your decision is wrong. Ninehra talks to Manish Karthik says that Manish bhai is fine people are good, the place is also good Chori sings and makes them happy Karthik says you sing well Are you stealing say I can sing and dance and make things like that slogan says you don’t do well too Chori says I go to pray ga yu says now what you You want, Naqsh has bought many things for you, but Mummy and Papa are not bought from the market. Wanted to get mummy calls reforms and says we have inspection in ashram we will send someone in a few days Naira says ok you can come after 1 week Sudha says no adoption The time begins next week. Chhori finds a good family who wants to adopt her. Naira gets depressed and Karthik is told. Kartik says that her wish is fulfilled. Chhori gives them a boost.

Precap :

Karthik and Naira see fire Yes, she says that she is my daughter’s last sign. Karthik stops her. Chori goes and gets the file.