Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Naira crying as she sees the scanner pics Karthik hugs her and says don’t expect such a big miracle. I know you are connected to this girl but our son has passed away. Has not come back. Stop looking for her in Chhori. She has told that she does not agree with Chhori. She has an attachment to Chori. What was it that I know Chhori has nothing in the ashram so she runs away. She says I have to pull her away. Don’t you dare tell me how I hug her. He says I can’t ask her to leave Chhori comes to show her dress. They say that you look cute. Why do you call me your clothes? And promises to give toys. Aarti says no, yes we need to talk. The file falls down. Chori sees him to say fast. Tells him to come along. Sister-in-law sees Maya and Devayani stealing goods We get to know that we know her very well. Mother-in-law says that she was connected but took her home as well. It is like this that we are like this too.

Naira Chori loves the morning Naam asks Karthik to give Manish’s file, takes my file and goes away Karthik and says people from the ashram call him, they will come to get you. Chori says I do not want to go, I cry and says that her heart broke she got family for the first time. She says that I will talk to her. I go and place Chhori under the table. Chhori cries and said what What is the problem, I can not live here, I do not live in your room, I say to Monu, I want to live here. There are also good people and love me. He says that you have to go. The slogan says I love him very much. I want to give.

Sugar Na asks the driver to give Kirti Gopal the driver says that Akhilesh is going to give some papers I will leave in 10 minutes. Naira finds the file. She runs from the morning to ask about her file. Asks her daughter’s last Nisha to stop the driver, Chori listens to them and says she is dead Te is and the fire rises as soon as he says that no, the last sign of my daughter Karthik stops him. Everyone comes and asks how the fire started. They try to spread Chhori. They run Chori. Come out Chori Karthik gets the file and bounces happily. Karthik posts why you are hurt by the theft. My daughter runs inside the financial fire and saves Chori, brings her out and says that I did not let anything happen to you Chhori says that the sign of your daughter gives the file Naira cries Chhori fainted, they miss Kirti’s picture.

He does not get the picture of the car falling under the belly. She says that if someone gets this picture, Karthik asks me to wake up to the theft and she cries and says that she has done this for us, she is not attached to us. All people pray for Chori and her Praise the theft arises and stare at Karthik and Naira staring. She says I have told you Pal Saheedi Naira yes but you Why put your life in risk, Aarti says thank you, if something has happened to you, we have not forgiven ourselves and you, your pain is our pain, then we will not do it.n’t be bad again.

Sauri says doNaira says That you see you are hurt likes stealing and she says that I have never seen such good before. I know that you both are taking care of me. Put this kind of slab on my head and I do not cry. So why am I crying I am fine she dances. Karthik asks her to rest Na Rani has thanked her. She asks him to get medicine. Corrections calls Naira and says we will go to Chhori College tomorrow to prepare her. Keep a little sad, she asks for food, Chhori is thrown, the cows say that I have received the gift of theft. She has a girl in our family today. Surekha says yes Chori bring happiness to us Akhilesh says that he I want to go to the ashram. His family is waiting. Rekha says that I have seen a video. A family has adopted a girl and that servant They have harassed him. The families of the ashram do not investigate well. The cows say that we have heard of many such cases. Look at Karthik and Naira.

Precap :

Naira says that the people of the ashram will come to take her. Aarti says That is why we will stop theft grandma watches with anger.