Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Kuku and Kunal arguing. Kuku says that I had a problem with Meenakshi’s decision. I came to discuss with you. Kunal says you can discuss it but I don’t talk about the property. Wants everyone to be equally loved and respected by the family. She says okay sorry. She says that you should learn to realize your mistake. If you want us to behave like Abir and Misty then we should be like them. Will Misty handles the situation with mature ropes. She says I agree I am afraid our future may be overlooked. I cheer her up. Misty comes running and asks her to listen. She says stay away I destroy all the people who come near. She says I can support you. Misty says when you leave me before coming to this world, why would you join me Kuku and Kunal go to sleep Are Kuku asks what you said.

Misty says why be happy when I lost everything I came to know that I Can’t even become a mummy Kunal asks does Misty say that Abir won’t even have a child Misty says that what happened to me was right, we were thinking that the child would be lucky but I am unfortunate now what to say that I am away from you Will not go Misty says I don’t deserve you. She runs into her room. Abir runs and runs after her. Parul and Nidhi are happy crying on hearing this. Abir says we will handle this situation as well. Kunal and Kukku will help her. Parul encourages Mystique to open the door. She tells Misty to open the door. Mitti has not listened. Meenakshi sees another child and her grandmother. She is a celebrity. She meets him and sees the file. She says that You like what Meenakshi says that I will meet her. Meenakshi thinks she is very happy to be a grandmother. Kunal says that we have to break the door. Abir kills the door. Come in and Abir runs and hugs Mishti.

Abir says I am with you, says Misty has them with you Thanked thinks of calling Whatsapp then says that I have considered you a daughter and not that you will not tell me why you are worried Varsha says that Abir and Misty get all the deaths. Everyone leaves Kunal and behind. Hai Rajshree says that if we do not differentiate between them why are you worried? Varsha says that Kunal is not as Meenakshi’s real daughter. Meenakshi has given a commercial stake with Abir’s child. She has an injustice with dogs. Parul’s daughter-in-law is thinking about Mishti. I have the right to think about the future of Kuku. Rakhi says that we will talk later Varsha says that you are only thinking about Mishti and not about Kuku. Rajshree tells her to get her say.

Misty cries and washes her face. She remembers Veer’s words. Kuku shocked her. Misty smiles and asks that this is our private party. She says I will tell my secret Misty Drinks drink on her dress says this dress is old don’t worry misty He says that you want to make because as much as you have not forced children now Kuku asks how do you know Misty says she wants us to do that she says you are very intelligent we will open a secret spy Mishti asks Is that why you are happy you say that you are feeling better now and no one can force me now Misty says that at least someone has benefited from it Kuku says we will come everyday now Mystic hugged And sorry, he said thanks to.

Kunal says that you are entitled to every happiness of life. Now what is it, now we have to say that we have to move forward and deal with obstacles. Kunal says I wish you to feel better. Abir says something that you are my courage I wish I did not talk about the child. I came to know that Misty is so young I love her. Kunal says that Misty is lucky to have you. Now Ear says that I am happy luck for you and you will fulfill the dreams that Kukku has dreamed for the child, Kunal says that you Kuku and Misty are amazing Misty asks if we will go out now Birha says Kuku says right idea Koko says we are not going with them Misty and Abir leave.

Meenakshi comes to Maheshwari’s house she says Is that Misty cannot become a mother, because of Misty’s fight, Rajshree says that you are saying so. Meenakshi says try to understand. Mishti’s ultrasound test said that she cannot give birth to a child, she will never conceive. Can Rajshree and Varsha go to the Chowk. Meenakshi looks at the doctor’s file Rajshree says that it cannot happen, Meenakshi says, face tea, I have faced sending, just I know that my husband cheated on my son. I am annoyed. I thought that I have made my business community for my son, but regrettably Misty snatches me away. Rain asks how Misty is. Meenakshi says that I am not happy.

Rajshree says that Misty gave her great pleasure, you are saying that you are nothing Meenaksh She says I don’t care my successor has been snatched from me Misty can’t make room in my heart there is no place for her in my house Varsha says that Abir did not let Meenakshi say that I It is decided that Abir is my son. I will convince him. I will break the Mystique. Looks restful and shouts that you cannot touch my daughter. I am standing between Misty and you.

Precap :

Meenakshi says that Abir will be the father of rain even He is the mother of Misty’s child, Abir asks if you will marry me again. Meenakshi says yes, Misty reads Meenakshi’s suicide note and runs to stop it.