Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Amir and you may ask how you can decide my life. Meenakshi says I am your mother, I gave birth to you and raised you. You struggled with me. I never left you. Asks if you want a price for these favors. She says I want my rights. The house needs its successor. If you are not misty, you will be the father of rain. Vishambhar says I feel pity on you. Mummy is and cannot understand the meaning of mother. She goes and says Misty come with me. Meenakshi says that my son has the right to get happiness of his child. Abir says that I do not want Meenakshi to say chemistry for me. It is difficult to see Abir in this way, now I have a habit of going against me, so he is supporting me.

He is sad to not have a child, you will come into your relationship, then you will think what I am saying, the martyr just shouts Misty Mary. Jaan Hai Meenakshi says Chemistry is a girl that my family does not rain She can’t give up. She is unlucky for this house. She has to get out of her house. Abir says that you are proud to be a mummy. How can you say that? I am sorry to forgive my mother. Can’t understand the pain. What will understand the pain of her daughter-in-law. There are always fights between us. Meenakshi says that there were fights between us. You won as I let you win Misty is a burden on us. Vishambar argues.

Misty and Rajshree cry. Kabir says, please do not take Mistake by doing Misty says I will not die without Amir, I am not happy, she takes him away, just keeps on, please do not. Kunal says please stop them and I am making you grandma Meenakshi. I just don’t want an address. I want real rain for this house. Just my real son Abir’s baby can rain. Kunal goes to Abir and Kukur Chowk. He cries.

Jasmeet says I feel bad for Misty Anyway, what can be done, ask to be blossomed, this is the right chance Meenakshi wants to give 2 years of rain. If it will be good for dogs, Varsha says that my daughter is Misty too like my daughter. How can you think that Meetakshi says that Meenakshi decided that the rain will be Abir’s child, not Kunal’s. Else Meenakshi will burn Misty and Ko’s happiness Vishambhar says forgive me I can’t leave you in this house Misty says that you know I was away from Amir then what happened then just then I say that you Abhi says the pain will be abhir says that vishambhar is saying right. Abir says that i am upset with you vishambhar says that i know i should not have talked to your mother like that but i could not be silent abir Says I said you right I am upset because you are taking your daughter not your son once it goes and I want mystico. I can’t imagine that he planned to take out Misty. I thought That she will call the doctor. She did not think for us. There is no place in her heart for us that I can come with Kunal.

Meenakshi’s Remembers the words Kuku comes to her. She cries. Varsha said that Meenakshi did a lot of things with Vishambhar. Does she think she can give him the real Barshi yet Mehr happens to see Kunal crying April Kunal holds her hand and says that the mother cries. Parul says that when someone’s identity is snatched away, darkness surrounds me. I was in your place. I was identified with my husband when he left. Could not see the way when the darkness is dark, the stars look the way you were my star. I did everything for you. How do you put someone else? I do not say he is Abir. She says that you are identified with Abir’s younger brother. All you have to do is support them. Kunal says yes and hugs her. Parul hugs Kuku.

Abir says I will leave the house but not Misty. Vishambhar says that you can leave this house but no relation with your mother. Can he finish Misty forever? I can only take Misty home, I can’t take you away from your mother, Abir Says spiritual relationship is like love as we do not have a name I want to get away from mummy I want to avoid Misty because my mummy is wrong. Meenakshi is a businesswoman and deals. I did not leave Misty not Misty not rich Asked to give chance to Rajshree, please say he says if you want three then it’s okay. Meenakshi takes the medicine. Parul has just put it. No one wants to go anywhere. Meenakshi says that Parul Mistiko should tell someone in his house There is no place.

Parul says that I can understand your pain but look at Misty’s situation. Meenakshi says that I have understood the pain of everyone and I did everything I could but today I will do what I want. I want real rain for my family. Kunal and Kuku come. Meenakshi says that I can stay here if she can give me a voice or not but says my mistake. Meenakshi says don’t forget your place. Manage your kitchen. Do I will manage my family. Kunal asks why are you saying this? She says that I have decided that Abir says about my life, you manage your work, I will manage my life Misty come she says that you ever accept my decision about the future of its family. Not done. You can learn to bow down. My decisions have not changed yet. Many ask what is the decision.

She says that its the big decision. I and Misty got married. I got Farukh in that house. We got Kunal in my life. It was my hard decision to run a home and business. It says well right now I told you about my problems that you worry about me, you worry for yourself. I’m glad Misty can’t conceive. We will have children as parents, but you as a grandmother, grandmother’s job is to learn good things. You will teach the child to hurt her and blame the family. You will make her like myself. I am glad that this responsibility is over. I will not let my shadow fall on her, I will not show her face to you, I raise my hand Kunal Stops her. She says get away don’t you listen to your mother. He says I’m listening to my mother. Every problem has to go through me to get through, even if you’re Misty. Stop it, forgive me, I know this is happening because of me. Meenakshi says, I know that your tears are not fake, sorry, I can only have mercy on you. Can’t give me room in my house right now. Asks do you do you will you get her out and marry me again? Meenakshi says yes she misses.

Abir says do you know that I don’t see anyone except Misty how will you marry me you always blackmail me Ho you have blackmailed me for Kunal, how have you done this time, tell me what your plan is. Meenakshi tells her to be patient. I will look at her plan. Abir says I don’t have patience anymore Misty and I will leave this house. She takes Misty with her.

Precap :

Misty says that I respect my mother Rati, I did not let her come among us, now Veer says I know Meenakshi gave a letter to Abir Misty falls. I am ending my life. He runs to stop Meenakshi.