Yeh Rishtey Hai Pyaar Ke 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Abir I saying sorry Mummy shouldn’t have done that. Misty says I’m sorry I got into a fight with her I respect her but I didn’t let her come between us. She says I know If she is the elder sister, you are angry thief I love you. She says I love you too. She gets a call. She says that the broker’s call is getting you a house. They say that Vishambhar has given me you I have been given the responsibility to keep happy. I am trying to do this. Varsha says that Abir will not leave Mishti. Kunal will not leave Abir. Kuku too. Now we are with this tree. Vishambhar says I wish Meenakshi could think of her unity. Jasmeet calls Varsha to call Kuku and find out what is going on there. Varsha calls Kuku. Kuku says nothing is right she does not know why she is doing this.

Abeer said that she is home. Will leave, did not react, it means that she is planning something, I wish some magic happened and everything went well but rain cries Asks Kunal to find a way. Abir and Misty need their help. Don’t step back. Ko says yes Kunal remembers Abir’s words and gets sad Misty calls Rajshree. She says that I’m fine don’t worry you all got worried because of me so sorry crying Rajshree.

Vishambhar says i have always taught you to accept mistake but it is not your fault i wish i was with you she says i know You’re always with me i’m fine i know right now that we want to go out he says i agree with him ask him to ask me if he needs any help he thanks him rain asks if You are alone in your room Misty says yes Varsha says that I was not alone Meenakshi was very angry Misty went to Kuku’s room Misty says I will go to her don’t worry she cuts the call Rajshree says thanks.

Varsha She says that the way Meenakshi spoke to you is not wrong. She is blaming Mystique. Misty sees Meenakshi. Meenakshi gives the letter and leaves. Misty falls. My son is going to leave me. I will end my life. Mister goes. She runs and shouts, open the mother’s door. She goes in and throws bullets. Meenakshi cries. And says leave me Misty says that if I don’t come then you would have eaten all the pill Meenakshi says yes Misty asks if you don’t think about your sons Meenakshi asks if you thought of me because You are Misty says I cannot do anything. The truth is that I cannot conceive Meenakshi says that you expect me to accept the truth.

Misty says that it is not my fault and yet you are Meenakshi. What is my fault. Destiny took my test. Misty says that I know that you have made any sacrifices. Meenakshi says that the truth is that you have to sacrifice. If you really love Abir, can you Want to see happy Misty says you know my answer Meenakshi says so right now Leave Misty asks what is Mistake Hai Tyagi Abir and I cannot live without each other. I told her that it is good to hear such things. If someone loses such happiness, it is very sad she did not leave me. Meenakshi says That I know why I am telling you men are strong but women have to sacrifice.

Misty says that I can not leave now. Meenakshi says that both of you will have to separate after some years your courage will be gone. Abir Kunal’s children will see the ways of children, your relationship will be cut. Misty says that now and I are happy together. Meenakshi says that the person is greedy, see the truth of it yourself. When you left your mother and went away, you were still hurt Were you hope that right now forgets something gives you something else you tried to separate us earlier I can’t leave her. Meenakshi says ok get ready to cause my death Misty asks if You are blackmailing me.

Meenakshi touches her feet and says I do not see my daughter’s pain I know that you too will hide your pain behind your smile. We know that this fake smile has been set free. I beg you, please be mistaken. Sorry this is not an option to leave Abir. She goes to Meenakshi. Misty cries Abir’s poem. Meenakshi says that I know the pain of the appeal. She asks if you can’t make this sacrifice. I will wait for your answer. Misty comes out and she gets a call Lady asks you to give omen When will you come, Meenakshi says very quickly Nidhi says that Abir and Misty were happy on Janmashtami, sorry you told me to hide this idol, just stop feeling bad, she can’t be a father.

Meenakshi says Nidhi is the time for my medicines. She sends him. She reports now. She says she is not far away from home. We have lost a lot in the past. We cannot be the future. Abir and want to give you great happiness. I have to give you some pain. Goes to and says about Abhir’s life so I have come what do you want Abir’s happiness or sorrow Misty says that now and I love each other very much. Meenakshi says that it is all over. You have just become your habit for each other. Two kinds of people are selfless and selfish. You are selfish. You can’t be a good daughter, wife and daughter-in-law that’s why mother is not Ambe didi gives you a chance to become a mummy, Mr. and says please go away from here Meenakshi shouts Mistico Misty runs away and Abir She comes and sees Kanha’s idol and looks at Meenakshi. She thinks that I just wanted to show you the heartache that is hiding from you, now maybe it is now, now forever understand and leave.

Precap :

Rajshri says That God must have thought something for you. Abir prays Misty has her backpack. She says I can stop my mother’s fight right now. Abir comes home with a red balloon.