Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The beginning of the episode everyone explains to Mistake. Misty says that I just told you that I will not treat you child badly, it will hurt the delicate feelings of the child. It will be bad that she will like Kunal Atul and the children of farming but our Adopted baby Varsha says that I was afraid of this too but have welcomed Kuku in my life. Vishambhar says rightly what people will say. You will get happiness if you follow your heart. Everyone refuses to adopt. So what will happen to those children, Abir says not to lose to Mishti, Misty says I am weakened. I want the child to be safe and full of confidence Rakhi says Are the children ready to make.

Abir’s call? He says social workers are coming home. Mishti says that we should go home. Meenakshi meets a doctor. She asked that Misty can become a mother. The doctor says that if she is pregnant she cannot complete 9 months. I have to meet him Meenakshi says I will get his signature Su says I want to meet him. Meenakshi says you just start the arrangement. Now keep the woman and ask her to come to their new house. He will sign the papers there. Meenakshi comes home. She collides with the woman. Abir falls to the children. He catches Kanha’s idol. Meenakshi says that I don’t need to cry anymore Misty. I have a hope for you. These toys are for your coming baby.

Abir asks what happened to you. Meenakshi says chemistry can become mummy. Now you do not need to adopt. Abir says that we have also talked to the doctor. Mistake cannot conceive. Do not torture her. Meenakshi says that just trying can be your own baby. People may have their dreams. Complete in this way. Its valid. Both of you will have parents. Someone else will give birth. They say that I do not want this second hand experience for Misty. I do not want both mages to match. I want to By matching the child’s heart, his smile does not matter, his thinking matters, we are an escape We don’t want to give care if it fits your successor category. We are starting the adoption process. He takes Mystique and goes away.

Misty asks what could happen now that the children meet us. We will come or we will meet him. He says that it happens in films, we will fill a form. You will choose a boy or a girl. She says when I will not be God then why do I want in. I just need a moment I say I Absolutely told, he cuts off Meenakshi’s call. The woman comes and calls you and says come back soon Mummy had taken a sleeping pill. Now asks if.

Abir and Misty reach the hospital and Kunal cries and cares. Misty cries and grabs her right now says she gives love to children but our mother forces the children. She has a sleeping pill to force us. See how he is crying. He says thank God It is not Misty’s fault that you have come here, when you are not with your mother, this problem will be over. Kaushal says to chit. We have to find a way if this happens again. If we get up late, Abir says that everything will be alright. Kunal says we will fix it now. Thank you Misty and my law Kunal says that it is not fair now we will share happiness and this difficult time also Mishra says that we will not bow down to Meenakshi’s stubbornness, we will not go to meet her she will think that she has won says Varsha That she is the mother-in-law of Kukku and Misty.

Rajshree says that Vishbambhar is right. Smith says that Ko will be in trouble. He says that we should not bow down to his blackmail. I am also worried about Kuku. I pray that Meenakshi Let me explain to God, in which he says that he will be in danger, do something to me. Everyone sees Meenakshi right now. Everyone finds him. Kunal says that I am present because of you. Didn’t you think about me even once? Meenakshi is crying, Abir says that I was confused what should I do, you did it well, you made easy decision. Neither was it good, could not be a good husband. I should be punished. I have no right to live. I should give my life too. I learned this from my mother, if you can do this then I can also hurt you. I tried to suck your blood, you were angry at me, scolded me, why did you do this, if I try to do it again, I will eat sleeping pills Misty says please do not ever do that just ask you It seems that such people are correct or adopt me.

Precap :

Meenakshi says that I did not want to favor anyone for adoption. What to say that will consider Mummy’s talk asks us if Kuku can help now and Misty Hai Kunal says that you will become a serogate of mean and misty.