Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Mishti crying and apologizing. Kuku asks what is your problem with Sargoshi. You and Abir’s parents will be. Why adopt this complicated task if you can adopt. Nal says I want to talk to my mother and explain to her once Mistake comes. Okay, I will think about surrogacy. I need some time to talk to me. Kunal says please don’t bother me. I want to talk to Mummy. He goes in now. Just asks to be mistaken. They have to sign the adoption form.

Kunal comes to Meenakshi and says You have to take medicine from now. She says that you worry for me when I have not given birth to you. She says but you gave me life. She says forgive me. I have given you a lot of anger, sorry Kunal says. Is not it? Mishti tries to talk to Abir. She says that sometimes we have to make a choice. I am waiting for her to fill us up for adoption. She says I am worried for Mam. You are also worried. I know she goes to get ice cream. 

Kunal tells Meenakshi to calm down. She gives him medicines. Isn’t it? First forgive me. I say you have the right to scold me. Why do you have the right to apologize? She asks that you’re with me. She always says Misty says you don’t want to punish your problem. Listen to me, I don’t know what’s going on with me. I wish I could stop life. Abir says that no one is closed to anyone. You are talking about adoption. Forget everything what you think. How do you want to adopt the right Sargoshi of adoption? He comes to the adoption center. Tells her to listen to her heart. She remembers everything. She signs the form, just signs the woman. I have to say that I will start the next process. Right now it says that this process will take 2 months. We have time to prepare ourselves. Mistake is yes. Tii but was thinking to consider the word mother. Right now says that baby’s DNA is same for mother but what can tell that this people are not parents to the child. What do you think are better chances of adoption? Remembered on 16 September. She thinks you know what I think. What about Mummy.

Vishambhar and says that the doctor said that now he is out of danger. He asks how are you and me? Ok not successful yet he says i trust you i am with you says if you want to talk then call he says yes i am here to advise you misty says thank you somewhere Not gone. I call again. I am strong. Investment management will say that Meenakshi does not end the matter soon. She says that if we have applied for our adoption then we should celebrate. How great is Mummy Kunal says that the buffalo says that he would have supported me Mistico until my brother is with me then everything OK, Kunal says I will be with you. It is not wrong. We have to find it.

Abir says that the mother has to stop her thoughts. Kunal says the main thing is that you will get your children by adoption or by now. Says I can’t torture a stranger, says what will happen to you right now, but whose emotionally will it make us feel bad when someone comes home and has more imagines a woman will keep a child in the womb She has seen her dreams, she cannot see anyone, after living it was not able to see her, stop now. Now there is no debate and serious thing that I think is not there yet Mommy does not agree I want to see them happy right now. Stays rest we will be together.

This morning kunal says that you called me meenakshi says if you do not listen to me but you do you are the rightful heir to the deeds of the births when kunal does not smile and says rest Do when you are fine, everything is fine, she cries. She says that not everyone wants to have their wish He says that Aamir has thought about adoption. She says he doesn’t want to bother a stranger.