Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 12th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Kunal which means that Kukku becomes their serrogate. Meenakshi says that just wait so sad I’m glad that you will be able to help me, Kunal says what I will tell you. She tells me Needless to say if you don’t agree with me. He says what he wants against you. He says he does not agree with you. He says he is lucky to have me and to have a mother like me. It is a misfortune for him to say that he does not eat. He said that I have thought a lot. I will not go against your decision. I promise business needs. Kuku is not ready to take responsibility for the child. She always comes forward to help. You have a chance to fulfill someone’s dream. If you agree, I will always be grateful. She says that Ko has the right to decide.

Kuku says You and she have a right. She cannot make any big sacrifices. She says about the family. I am asking for her help. I am asking that Khushi will affect her family relations. I have to ask you. She will never agree to not allow any new play. If the children want to adopt, we should support them. She dries. I will just accept your decision. I promised you. He is sorry mother and goes. He says that he will tell until you agree. Right now, Road Mishti comes to the park to meet Abir. He comes to Nana and Nani’s bench and some balloons.

Lets see Abir and Misty come to congratulate her as the future Nana and Nani Misty says that the adoption agency has approved our application Rajshree Mahan says Vishambhar and Rajshri blessed her Vishal Misty says Is that the Adoption Center has liked the fact that you both adopted me and raised well. You have won now, you will never come to meet me. Misty says that we should not keep sad feelings just jokes Hai Rajshree says that we are always with you, Abir says that from the hospital We will be shifted after coming back. Vishambhar asks if Misty are you happy Misty says that I am very happy. I think it will be my birthday every day. Kunal remembers everything. He is worried and walks on the road Abir and Misty Come to him right now Road jokes he says mummy feels that this time you can’t do anything .

Mirchi says that the adopters have approved our application Kunal Mahan says congratulations Misty says he Do not ask about the local parents. We have given your names. Abir says that you thought that we will become parents, you will be made an uncle and say anything for you and say do not smile again, Abir and Misty come home. I hope Both of you will be happy, everyone knew this, besides me, I am your sister in the inappropriate. No distant relatives say that you should really say that now, I said that you and you should come first.

But he says Humiliated me in my in-laws Misty says that she first asked to make her own. Kunal tells me G now need to talk to you question. Are you thinking about Meenakshi’s words? Just ask what I said. Ghoshal says he fired Uma for his mistake. Now he says that he Gone are the flowers that can be blossomed on Kunal’s romance, she smiles. Kunal says I need to talk to my mother