Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

While doing the machines till the beginning of the episode, I said I want to show him my true form. Abir looks at Mishti in an angry stolen avatar. He says this is you, I romp him. He smiles. He says I want to love you. I run away. She runs into Kuku. Kuku comes out with her bag. Kuku Kunal says that we can talk. Just listen to me, Abir and Misty ask what is it that Kya has to say, everyone asks. Kunal is fine I will tell. She says that I and Kunal say that I should be your surrogate. Abir Kaushal and Misty are surprised. Kuku says that I cannot be part of this nonsense. Abir asks what you are saying. He says that Kunal wants this as well.

This is a green thing. How did you think I would do this? He says that I was an idiot that you would help me in helping the rich. I just asked you she says that you Who did not ask for good clothes, but my 9 months my body my child, he said that it will not be your child, he said that yes I forget Gaya and her parents will be her. I will be a random girl. You go to my womb. Kunal says to this hero he says that just remember the checkup was for the girl’s feelings. You don’t know about my wife now. Says that he does not force Kunal. Kunal says that I was not forcing him and says to Kunal’s wire that I am selfish and useless. I cannot do this, I will not do this Kunal in my room. Goes to Abir tells Ko to listen to Ko.

Kuku says I am not upset with both of you. I know you can never agree but Kunal agrees. I think he is some stranger. Can’t live with a stranger I’m sorry. He cries and leaves. Someone cries Kunal by remembering the words Misty says you didn’t fix it. Kunal says that everyone helps the family. Does it make it so? Can not, Misty says that you asked for a big sacrifice, you let her go. Kunal says that you were also asked to sacrifice you. Told that you did not create any pressure, you must have got angry but he left home