Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Kunal defending himself saying he had nothing to do with the house since the child’s conversation began to be mistaken when Mummy attempted suicide. I just wanted to see everything happen. I have not seen any other way or Ko’s feelings really hurt all of you. Kuku comes and argues with him. He says that you think I don’t think of anyone even my feelings. I am not a toy. Kunal says that really capable.

Sorry, I know you are not selfish. Please come back if you trust me. I am happy to be odd. Asked her decision, Varsha says that Meenakshi’s decision is why I will not do Kuku. Won’t go anywhere Kuku says that Mummy should not talk about surrogacy. I will wait. Vishambhar says that I will try to find a solution for now. I will also try not to know what Meenakshi will do. Nidhi says that Kaushal said Meenakshi refuses to come to Pune, says that I will manage this way I will go home I am worried for you keep telling me about Abir Mishti and Kunal.

Don’t tell Kaushal and Ketki that Nidhi says sure and goes yet and Kunal is upset Misty and Kaushal try to make them happy she jokes Hai and says I will go to Mummy right now and Kunal says don’t know what he will do. Abir asks whether Kunal says that Misty met Mummy and warns that Kuku will not become a surrogate. Kunal asks if you don’t Know right now jokes he hugs kunal misty smiles kunal says mummy didn’t say much i told a lot machines made me realize that i misbehaved with you, abir says i should know Tha I can not escape from your mother.