Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Misty meeting Abir in an NGO that she says sorry I can’t give you a baby. He says I got you, I hug her. She says thanks I want to be positive like you Can I join you full time NGO? He definitely says she says we can try to give a good life to orphans. He greets her and says that I am proud of you. Don’t let me influence you stay with me. He says I’m always with you. What do I argue with Meenakshi? She says I warn you that Mistiko Abir’s family has to be taken forward if she doesn’t want to do it. There is no right to live in the house. He says that you have no right to call me mummy. Your thinking is wrong. I ask him to cut his journey. He runs on it. He says that I did not let Mistico stay there. She says it would be nice.

She says that you have crossed your limit if you are with any of my daughters If I do wrong then I will support him. He is right this time. I will lodge a police complaint against you. Meenakshi goes away. Varsha calms Rajshree. He cries. Abir and Misty work in NGOs. He remembers his tears. Cries Misty holds her. She cries. I hug her and says I didn’t let you go away even if you try. She says I love you now just keep hugging

Meenakshi meets a lady. Lady says You can meet my daughter. Meenakshi says that Abir and her daughter will not get married after 3 months. They leave Misty and Abir tell good times. He remembers the old moments. He jokes on his dressing. He says that You have stolen my clothes and then my heart. She says that you took away my sweet. Why did you climb on the roof of the bus. She says that I like that we have to take a bus trip again. She asks all along. It is not possible that just Rajshree and Vishumbhara can do it. She says that we will rent a mini bus. I am very excited. He says that you know its a little distraction. She says that in difficult times, families either get closer or get shattered. He says that I did not shatter you. She says that I want to tell them that If we are together then everything is fine. Abir says that I and I probably never agree on a single argument. When I told him about this matter, he supported me. He said that he is with me. I thought Our problems are solved. Misty asks the truth. She shakes her head.

Vishambhar says that Meenakshi wants to get Misty out. Will she still marry again? Rajshree says that she does not agree. Vishambhar says that Misty will break up. Now more will become her shield but no one will support her. Varsha says what Meenakshi will tell to the soil, not knowing that Rajshree cries and says that we did not let Misty to bear her anger Vishambhar has given Rajshri to come along. He says to stay back from the rain, he says that Mystique needs us.

Kunal says I am Y would like to come by flight to save Misty says that we should stay together. We will rent a mini bus with such more comfortable seats. Kunal and agree Mitti feels that she is looking happy. Meenakshi comes to Mishti She says that we were planning a holiday. I know that if you are with us, we will find a way. Vishambhar and still comes today. She says that Meenakshi has found a way, will always bless Misty and Abir. Misty and Kukku hugs him to say that Misty is strong. She will win. I promise I will not fight anymore. Vishambhar taunts Meenakshi. Abir says that mother is with me. She said that she will support us. Vishambhar asks if she Why ask me to take Mystique home Abir and Kunal say that we were worried for Mishti. Number says I feel bad for you Mamta. He asks Meenakshi what Rajshree will do even after knowing the truth. That we came because Meenakshi came home about Mishti because she could not conceive Ti we should take her home right now remember she asked for a few days and last says forever they all went to the square.

Abir says i can’t do that vishambhar says meenakshi wants rain Whether she will take the soil or she will take the mud out of her house, Abir says that the mother promised to support me. Meenakshi turns back. She goes to the square. She says that I am not happy to see Mystique in this state. I am sorry but I cannot change his future. I can decide the future of the house. I want a real heir. Misty cannot become a mother but you can become a father. The rain of this house will come if not Misty. Abir and everyone go.

Precap :

Meenakshi says that it will be Rain’s father, Abir asks if you will marry me again. She says yes, Misty took Meenakshi’s suicide note and went to her room.