Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 5th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Abir stating that I will be happy for Misty. I promise Mistake goes into hiding. He keeps the idol of Kanha and goes away. Meenakshi says I will never forgive you for this in Misty. Abir had to cry to explain. Kuhu says. I need to discuss something. If you find it childish then you don’t react. You remember how Jasmeet had made a phase in pregnancy if we give a baby to a mother. Maybe she relaxes. It’s not awkward with Abir’s other marriage. Misty is going on but I am used to her. I can’t handle the other sister-in-law. Are you angry? Kunal says no I’m glad you want to help them but The mother said that she wants to inherit Abhir’s child. Give them some time this time and it is not right to help them in this way.

Abir comes to Mishti and shayari about his new house. I want to tell him something. Says do i say something i love you he says i waited you Live i have a good news i have shortlisted two houses bad news if the loans are big then we will run there we will see who wins we will invite everyone to barbecue i will not do it she says i told you He did not give up. He tells her to keep smiling. He will win again. She feeds him with ice cream. Vishambhar and Rajshree worry about Misty. He says that Abir is also with Mishti.

She says that Meenakshi will hurt Misti only. They live under the roof. He says that Misty and Abir can stay in our house till they find Nayagarh. She agrees. Mishti says that everyone wants us to leave this house. What do you think? I can’t be a mother, you can’t be a dad, you didn’t get a chance to express your grief. Tell me, he says I’m fine. She asks why are you hiding the truth. We lost the chance to become parents. You talk to me. Can you tell me what you feel is not your fault he says the situation is wrong he She says that I did not give anyone the right to share your pain. Talk to me Raj asked Mr. Vishambhar to talk to Abir. Vishambhar says that I am still hurt I need you to be his strength. She says yes I did not let her fall alone. I will talk to her.

Abir asks what do I talk. I don’t know how to react. Maybe I can’t see my baby’s face but I can see your sweet face. Will support you, my strength is to make a compromise. I remember the words of the angels Misty and Meenakshi. She thinks that I was right. We have an agreement with our fellow man. He says that we have to be happy in whatever we have. He smiles at her. Abir meets Rajshree at the temple. He asks her to share her feelings. He hugs her and cries. He says why is this happening to Mishti Rajshri says that God is strong Tests people.

Vishambhar asks Mishti what she is doing. She thinks I am not lying. She can speak and you can’t handle the tea. She says that I am packing my things. She tells her not to put any burden on her heart. Right now I am losing courage Rajshree says that both of you Have to become each other’s strength. Talk to us. You will find a way. He asks what is the way. Vishambhar says, just do your things and come home, I want you both to be happy. She says I want to see Abir happy I wish I am doing right. He says that you can never do wrong.

Abir asks if this happened to you. Rajshree says that if Akshara died, life means Bishumber and it ended for me. Says Rajshree says that God hurts and also solves the problem. He snatches Akshara and sends Misty to me. Misty went through this. Her parents left her. Abir says he found you. She says that pain can be great, but there is a joy in our life, it makes us easier to send pain. Rain was alone and they Akshara is gone and Misty arrives. Mystery says that I am proud to be your daughter. I will talk to you later. Vishambar smiled. She ends the call she says I can stop my mother’s fight right now I am sorry, I have no way right now and today Mr. says that God will think something for you.

Right now thanking you she says be patient you will get some happiness I go, I pray Mishti packs her bags And cries she sees a picture of Veer. She goes to Kuku to remind him of a lot of childhood mischief. She says I will talk to you. Misty says book a cab for me Kuku asks why now these employees He gives out that if everything goes well then Mishti and I will get our happiness back. I call the orphanage. He says that we have talked about adoption. The man says that yes you will get a child and a child will have a You will get a good family. Tell us your favorite Abe says that we want only one child, I will send my details. I will thank him he calls Clay.

Precap :

Kunal says that Misty is packing her bags. Abir asks where Misty is. Meenakshi says that Misty has to go. She went with her wish. Vishambhar threatens to send her to jail.