Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Vishambhar asking Amir where Misty is. He says that you broke your promise. Meenakshi says that she had gone on her own wish. Not Abir’s fault Vishambhar says I will give you 2 hours to police me. Gotta go if I don’t take her. Misty can never leave us. Mental harassment is a crime. Sit in the bowl of the prison and think about your real rain. He looks at Ko and says that your daughter is our daughter. Tell if you have any problem here, he leaves.

Abir asks Vinod if he has found out about the train booking. Vinod says no. Now Rukh tells Kunal to find out about the airline booking by blocking the office. Meenakshi He stops now and says that you have named the company Misty. Kunal says that there is no booking. Kuku says that the bus stop is still. Abir says that I will get Misty. Kunal requests Meenakshi. She says that There are 14 bus stops. I will see how you find all the mud. Vishambhar comes home and Rajshri Varsha asks for Mishti. He gets sad.

Rajshree cries and prays to get Misty back. Then I hope we find Misty. Kunal says you will get her Rajshri gets dizzy. Vishbhar holds Dia and says that Misty will meet Kunal and Abheer talks to the taxi driver. The driver says that Madam got down at the bus stop. She was crying all the way. I still know that Mishti missed Abir. And weeping she says that I will leave forever and says that she is on the way.

Kunal and Abir arrive at the store looking for the daughter right now and Misty misses each other falls down the mirror. Is and still reaches now and see each other. Kunal comes. Abir asks to go to Mishti if she wants Misty to cry. She gets angry at him. She says I’m sorry he says that you didn’t for me. Thought and decided to go she says that everything is going to end because of me Misty asks her to stop it she runs She comes and hugs Abir. Kunal smiles. The heart of the song plays. Varsha says that now and find Kunal, she will take him home. He says I am going to take her. She says give him some time We know that I can handle him well now. I will come to bring him to my house. Ask us why did you do this. Kunal takes him.

Mishti says I have seen you lying about the pain and then says that No, I was not lying. I was handling the pain. You cannot leave me. If a little dream is not fulfilled, it does not mean that I will never see mine. I am sorry. He says stop crying. Tell me what I told you. Meenakshi can be married. She says that you will get anything I want for my family once. We will get married after divorce. Meenakshi says that there is only one work left, come to me tomorrow on the cardtake the sign.

Misty says that the mother is being given sleeping pills because I cannot give her this once if she again I never forgive myself when I feel sorry. It is very hurt. It was not her fault. Abir says, I will take care of you mother. You should never leave me. I always need you. Kunal says I do not look like this anymore. I wish I could help like the Those people come home right now. Kunal asks not to come in the middle. Nidhi says thank god you come Misty don’t shock me again. I will perform arti before Meenakshi’s arrival. What was she to be Mistake? She says that Meenakshi can come anytime and get angry right now. We have a solution like Yashoda got Krishna Leela Jai ​​Shri Varsha Ko Ko as Rajshree got Misty like Kunal. Milla we will get our baby Misty asks if we will adopt a child Kunal says great Kuku says there can be no bigger solution than this Nidhi says yes Misti says well done you are the best problem Nidhi gets laddu Meenakshi She comes and throws laddus, she shouts, Abir, how did you think that you will bring someone from the street and I I will give my name to him, then I say that we are judged, I do not think what you think. Meenakshi says that I do not talk on your Facebook. My real heir will take my family forward.

Precap :

Meenakshi says Chemistry can become a mother Have I talked to the top surgeon, Abir tells Mishti not to get harassed, she cannot take the child for 9 months. Meenakshi says that surrogacy will be the parents of both of you children but someone else will give birth to the child.