Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Meenakshi stopping Abir and saying that this time I will not leave me down. I will not give my name to another’s father. Kunal asks how can you call a little child a sin. Abir says bitterness in him. Meenakshi says the truth is bitter. Children are blessing. Some children are a curse. If a family is a curse of all the workers then their fate may change but not their blood. They will ruin everything. Kunal asks if you think I am also a burden on this family. She says that I am just saying that I will not raise anyone’s children in this house. Abir says that there is no place for love and family in this house.

Kunal is worth you. Isn’t Kushal comes and asks what happened right now and says that mother has crossed all limits sorry I am your sister and my mother she says that you are talking to me like this I don’t know that Kunal tomorrow What will tell me, Abir says that you have proved me right thank you person’s heart is small I know that Kunal’s heart It is clean as a check and your heart stops Kunal and says that Kunal loves you more than you, yet you are giving him this name Meenakshi says that he is not my own son, Abir says that you Not a good mother. If the lines are fixed to someone we don’t. She scolds Veer.

She asks Misty and Coco if they are afraid to know if they will become like their parents. Abir warns her to stop. He tells her to stay within her limits. She says that this is my home as I want it to be. Kabir says that tomorrow we will leave in the morning and then I say I am your brother. It will never affect us. He hugs Kunal.

Vishambhar Names asks Varsha not to worry. He says I will take Kukuku with Mishti if Kuku is getting sick Varsha says that Meenakshi’s mistake We should not punish Abeer, we should give him a chance to change his share, Rajshree says, “I trust Abeer if he is with me.” He can solve someone’s problem. He says that I have not found peace until I talk to the message. Abir says that Vishwambhar can do anything. You are safe here. We are nothing too small. Let them call. She says they don’t have anything to tell.

She calls Vishambhar Misty says I’m fine sorry Rajshree knows her. Abir says I thought she still says today that we know how this time has passed. Vishambhar says thank god you have got me now I want to meet you both. Abir says we will come tomorrow and Kunal will come sometime she says Mist to have lunch with us. Okay, I will tell you, Abir Says that he is feeling relaxed and he will talk to her later for adoption. She says Shama, I am not sure, then it seems that Kunal is in you due to mummy and right now she is there to feed him. It is said that Kunal asked her to do it. She does not have fever. I ask how did you know that you do not have a mother, then say that my family and I become And then he told me everything. He says that my wish is to expand the family. The call explains to Meenakshi. She says that if Atul had a child, he would ask you to accept him as a grandson. He will accept that Abir will agree to remarry.

Meenakshi says that I am fighting for the right. We want a successor. Our right is Abir, my son should live with me from here. It is my right, I will pay any price. Abir asks Mishti why she changed her mind. She says that it would not be good if Meenakshi behaves in the same way. The child should not do all that. Kunal says I don’t know how to face one right now It is said that the eyes are still special and you are also special. Confronts everything with confidence. The family does not know that you too can do it no matter who your real mother is. It matters. Is what you can do. He thanks her. Just thinks that she is confusing Meenakshi. He is so selfish, he gets a call from Vishambhar and asks if everything is alright. Pardon me if possible, say that don’t ever tell me that you all have not met Papa. Need advice. Ask this number. Kunal comes near.

He says find a way to end this case asks better eyes than fight. I have found a way. Tell me the solution. He says that I am not a doctor right now. Quitting you don’t stop, he will leave. If you don’t stop, I think, are you okay this morning? Abir says your face is with BigBen. He tells Misty to think about adopting him. She says I am sure right now, we will think later they come to Maheshwari’s house, to lose, to embrace the rain Rajshree who meets Jilabi for Mystery Mystery thinks why Rajshri did not give me food Vishambhar also ignores Misty. She thinks to ask, she goes to help Rajshri, gets help from the state Misty asks why didn’t you write my help Do you know how a guest works? Guest asks why are you doing this? We say that we have adopted a mistress. She is not our daughter. God says Kuku is our Misty says I am your daughter. I am not because I have adopted.

Precap :

Meenakshi says that surrogacy is not wrong. Own blood is blood only. Misty and I will start the adoption process. Phone and says come back soon Mummy took a sleeping pill Hai Abir goes to Chowk.