Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ishita asking the man to say truth. Raman asks why are you staring at me. Yug’s uncle says we should leave. Raman says you mean I asked you to lie. The man and his wife Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update says yes, why did you call us here and insult us, we shall leave. Raman asks who asked you to lie, tell us. Aaliya says I m fed up of all this. Yug asks her to get freshen up. Yug’s uncle says you are threatening us, we are poor and tell us what’s our mistake. Raman says I don’t know them, he is lying. Ishita says stop your melodrama, we know the truth, if you don’t leave, I won’t stop Raman this time. Yug watches their arguments. Yug’s uncle and aunt leaves with Ranbir. Ishita says the entire family is a cheat.

Aaliya says Ishita should be happy that you came back, I m happy. Yug says its okay, its my bad fate. Aaliya says its not their mistake either, you suddenly come, its shocking for them, they will believe it soon. He says it doesn’t matter as long as you are with me, this heart just beats for you. She smiles. She gets a call and says I have to go for a project. He says I will come, I won’t like staying here. She says fine, I will get the files. Karan calls Yug and asks did your Chacha and Chachi give shock and went, I knew Ishita will go to them, I paid them and told them to win Ishita’s trust and then lie, so that blame comes on Raman, I wanted Raman and Ishita to fight.

Karan asks him not to worry, take Aaliya out and chill. Yug says you are a mastermind, thanks, I m helping Aaliya in project, I get nervous in front of Raman and Ishita, don’t do anything. He ends call. Karan says you are a good person Yug, but I won’t lose such a good chance, they have tortured me a lot, now I will trouble them. Ruhi asks why did they lie and go, I will ask Ranbir. Aaliya says I have to go. Ruhi says I will come along. Aaliya says Adi is going with me, he wants to support me. Ishita says Yug won’t go with you.

Aaliya says I m talking about Yug, I m going with Adi, I m an adult, I m married to Adi. Ishita says you can’t go. Raman asks Aaliya to go. Ishita asks what’s wrong with you. Aaliya and Yug leave. Raman asks shall we cage Aaliya at home, we have to deal with her smartly. Ishita asks how shall we deal. They argue. Shagun says stop it, this won’t sort out anything. He says I will sort this out my way. He leaves. Ruhi says why are they fighting, what’s happening.

Rohan says I want to book your entire restaurant for my wife, Aaliya, she likes south indian and italian food. Karan looks on. Rohan says I just want everything to be perfect. The man agrees. Rohan says I want to show Aaliya that I love her a lot. The man goes. Karan asks what’s happening. Rohan says I m trying to impress my wife, just Aaliya and me, romantic dinner, some soft music, that’s it. Karan asks what about Yug. Rohan says I get crazy thinking of him, I thought to buy expensive gift for her. Karan asks him to go and ask Aaliya for a dinner date. Rohan likes the idea. They leave. Karan says sorry, I know you will be hurt, I can’t help it, I have played my second game.

Ishita irons clothes and is angry on Raman. Ruhi asks her to apologize to Raman. Ishita says he isn’t answering my call, his anger is too much, where is he. Ruhi says maybe he has gone to meet Rambir and Vishal. She calls Ranbir and asks about Raman. She says he left in anger, if you know anything, inform me. Ishita says I will go and find Raman. Ruhi says I will come along. Ranbir finds door locked and says Raman didn’t come here. Vishal says some sound coming from inside. They go to get something to break the door. Yug and Aaliya come home. She says Ishita will argue again if we go home, I m so tired. He sees a candyfloss stall. He takes her. He asks can I make it fresh, please. He makes the candyfloss for her. Sab tera…..plays….

Aaliya smiles seeing him. He says this is for my cute, sweet wife, I can just offer this now. She says this is the best gift of my life. He says your smile suits you, I get sad when you get sad, you are looking like candyfloss today. She says I love you Adi and hugs him. He smiles. Ek ladki ko dekha….plays…. Aaliya sees Ishita and Ruhi. Ishita gets angry. Rohan and Karan come there. Rohan gets angry seeing them. Yug sees Rohan and holds Aaliya, smiling.

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Sudha asks why did you fail the brakes of Raman’s car. Inspector says we found a dead body, Ishita ji I know its shocking for you, we should go to morgue and verify. Ishita screams seeing the dead body.