Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Mami ji wakes up all tired. She complains to Vishakha about it. Vishakha tells her to check on Naina. Is she awake or not? Mami mocks that hopefully she is not in Sameer’s room. Vishakha heads inside. Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 6th March 2019 Written Episode UpdateMami ji tells Naina it is good she is up early. You must be waking up early at your place to fill water. Naina touches her feet. I used to wake up to study. Mami ji says you talk big. Go, freshen up and do puja. She tells Naina go to the bathroom downstairs. Naina touches everyone’s feet and greets them as they walk past her. She ends up blurting where the bathroom is. Everyone stops at once and looks at her. Vishakha also comes there. Naina touches her feet. Vishakha points in the direction of bathroom.

Voiceover – Naina:
I felt like putting Sameer’s head inside the water bucket at that time. When I think of that day today, I wish there was mobile phones back then. I would have made a video of permed hair and sent it to Sameer with a sorry note. It would have woken him up too!

Naina adjusts her dupatta in the mirror.

Vishakha notices Bobby packing his bags. He tells her they are going home. I can understand if you missed me in one ritual but you are ignoring me for every other ritual! She tells him she was coming her to wake him only but he asks her if she couldn’t have woken him up earlier. Everything is set. I have packed most of your stuff. Pack the rest. She requests him to stay for a little longer but he stays put. Make an excuse before the guests. You are an expert in that. Mami ji comes there and is surprised to see the suitcases. Vishakha lies to her that they were looking for something. Mami ji goes. Bobby asks her why she lied again.

Naina is doing the puja herself. Vishakha asks Mami ji why she dint wake Sameer. Mami ji tells her to let him sleep. He never wakes up before 9 anyways. Let him sleep.

Voiceover – Naina:
Mami ji said it so easily. I felt like telling her that it wasn’t just he who was tired. I was doing parade like Anarkali before everyone while Salim was sleeping peacefully in his room. Earlier I only wanted to pour water on Sameer. Now I wanted to pour ice cold water on him!

Vishakha makes Naina sit on the sofa and goes. Naina looks at Sameer’s photo unhappy. Sanam Bewafa plays in the background as Naina keeps looking at Sameer’s photo kept on the table.

Vishakha is bidding adieu to her guests. Mami ji asks her if everything is fine. Jija ji seemed angry. Vishakha lies that it was due to business. Mami ji goes to Naina. She tells her to freshen up and change. Naina is heading upstairs again but Mami ji shouts at her to let Sameer sleep. He is tired. Naina ends up telling her to be quiet. Is he the only one who got married? I am also tired! I slept on the floor. He must have slept on the bed! Enough! Mami ji snaps her fingers to bring Naina back to reality. It was Naina’s imagination. Mami ji taunts Naina again on last night. Get ready as quickly as you

Vishakha tells Naina everyone will take time in forgetting whatever happened yesterday. Neither of us can change it. Everyone will go after the Muh Dikhayi ritual. Keep yourself in check till then. Naina nods. Vishakha gives her a saree. Do you know how to wear it? Naina nods.

In the washroom, Naina rebukes Sameer for sleeping peacefully like a king. She reprimands herself in the mirror for trying to become like Madhuri Dixit when someone knocks at the door. A relative asks for her towel. Another one asks for her comb. Naina quietly passes them everything. Naina mumbles that there is no peace even in bathroom. Sameer has changed.

Flashback shows Naina telling Sameer that she is worried how she will settle in his home after wedding. How will I manage? Why should a girl leave her house after wedding? He holds her hand and makes her look down at their shadows. He stands behind her. His shadow covers hers. I will stay like this with you after the wedding. I will be your shadow. You will see my face first thing in the morning and I will be the last one you will see before you go to sleep. She asks him if he will leave her alone ever. He denies. They hold hands and share an eye lock. A romantic song plays in the background.

Naina is distracted by another knock on the door.

Voiceover – Naina:
I felt like crying badly that time. It wasn’t because of the bun or Sameer. I felt like crying thinking you find privacy in bathroom but I wasn’t getting any there.

Phula Bua and Tai ji are seated. Phula Bua speaks of the wedding and the guests which Tai ji had at her home. They spent so much and came all the way here but did not join us. So much money was spent in the wedding. Everything was fine. It would have been great if you two had been there too. Tai ji blames Anand but Phula Bua points out that she balanced it by stopping Rakesh from going to the wedding. Tai ji says my husband and I were ready to forgive Anand and Bela but they dint even invite us.

Phula Bua reasons that Naina is also their kid. You could have come on your own. Don’t think that it will be forgotten. Everyone saw what you did and they will remember it forever! People gossiped how you both dint come to the wedding and dint even let Rakesh come in his daughter’s wedding. I am going to Bombay today. It is you guys who have to stay here. It will be better if you stay together. Tai ji heaves a sigh of relief as Phula Bua gets up. Phula Bua tells her it is easier to break relations but hard to hold them together. Rest is up to you. She leaves. Tai ji is irked that only she is told everything. Tell Bela something too.

Preeti comes to her room. She tells Naina to bathe but then realises that Naina has gone to her new house now. She holds Naina’s photo and cries. I am missing you very much sister.

On the other hand, Naina is missing Preeti. I wish you were here!

Mami ji tells Naina to bathe quickly and use the shampoo kept inside. Naina touches her bun worriedly.

Voiceover – Naina:
My first day was completely action packed in my new house. It was filled with surprises! I decided not to remove the pins from my bun even if these people throw me out of the house!

Mami ji knocks at the door again. Naina tells her she is coming. Mami ji hands her the bottle of shampoo. Wash your hair properly with shampoo. I can figure out by the smell whether you have actually washed your hair or just touched shampoo to your hair. Naina agrees. Naina opens her bun and shouts out of fear. Mami ji is still outside. Naina lies that she saw a lizard. Mami ji tells her to get ready asap.

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Naina is getting ready. Ladies are waiting for Naina and joke that maybe Bela dint teach her anything. Naina cries. Please wake up now Sameer.