Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

AJ says let’s go to the sky together Guddan said that first listen to my three things I love you I love you today I said thread Guddan says that when we next meet we will tell you this Everyone kisses her forehead. Everybody cries. Chatting falls. Ajay and Guddan fell in each other’s arms. Grandma’s candle is running. Together they remember their theme song Guddan remembers marrying Ajay while giving birth to Jyoti. Ajay remembers her hair with Guddon. Lakshmi and Durga begin to hug each other and embrace Jyoti It has been 10 years, it is said that 10 years have passed, but every corner of this house reminds us of all the things of the fourth. It never seems that they ever left us.

Their memories are always with us. Tells her heart what a sad story I think is going to fill the pocket soon * It is your greatness that you all had to accept Ajay’s daughter. The speed with which Ajay’s relationship is drowning my life. I mean the life of a little girl will be ruined. All of you have served food. He tells her why are you feeding all this, everyone says that you are the people of today or have food from the stage, she withdraws from everyone, now she says you have done a lot for us, thank you for coming here The picture is of Gudden’s superhit film. It is up for auction. This man says 5000 starts. Did I say yes the picture is priceless but we have to sell it for a fourth. He has been locked in his room for 10 years. Scared and troubled school.

Everybody is shocked to see him. He is shocked to see that he has to ruin all my plans. Everyone says that he is like his mother. A donor says that he left his own. Where is the media coming from? Asked about the respect of his hands. She says she is ruined by everything. * The swan bidder says that she is mad. She is not seeing anything. The report says that he always used to leave her work room and Remains depressed but she is very sweet and alive. Look at Halasuru in this. Lied to everyone to get money from people in the name of that girl and questions her from the beginning. She looks at a woman on TV and tells her to turn up the volume. Make a meeting with him Pushpa will eat something in his falling name, he flies and says that you come home so soon and tell everyone you wasted everything. I was getting money.

Durga comes and tells her that the fourth DJ says Durga And Lakshmana comes to Durga says she does not even dare to stay away from Guddan asks Durga to go to her room and says that I will come to you hand painted painting chooses Guddan and husbands Durga says that Do you have any shame? Asking a child to control his laughter starts. Must read in trouble. You have spoiled her. If you slapped her earlier then we were not in this situation. Lakshmi says that in this house only what should be fixed is yours. Durga says that you ruined our name everywhere.

Laxmi says that mother-in-law and AJ gave us responsibility for Chauthi, says that we are rubbing and this Chauthi cannot feed in our love, it is running in my house because of money, otherwise we are on the set She says stay silent, start saying that I do not have to lecture that you have given the image to Ganga for the first time. You have started everything that you regret now. Durga is in tears. Laxmi gives her comfort Who will pay.