Kumkum Bhagya 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Prachi starts the episode with Ranbir saying that Maya’s tau ji is coming and hiding his face Dushyant asks where she is going and asks who she is, Prachi remembers Dushyant’s threat. Comes near and tells her not to worry until she is with him Dushyant posts who she is. Prachi feels that Ranbir will not tell the truth. Hari comes to Hari and tells that she asked Maya Talked and she told that I will not back down from marriage. She tells what is good that Ranbir took such a big stand for me and did not do it before. 1fb is shown. Real Me tells Alia that I love her very much And does not want to lose her. Alia says I have promised you, so I make Ranbir a perfect couple.

Rahul talks to Sapna who listens to an influential person and asks her to give her address. Gives some other girls their clothes and asks them to put their clothes on. The man tells about the illness Rahul tells him that he is wearing his clothes. He gives it after giving it to him. He gives him 2000 but the man does not agree and asks why he is needed. Rahul says your clothes are very colorful and I like it. He saw her at 6000 to change her clothes too. Sahana listens to them and tells Aryan her identity.

 Ranbir asks Dushyant how he is talking to him. He says that he can no longer stand and tells that he says you are nothing. Dushyant can tell who he is. He says that Prachi says that she is Praveen’s wife. She says that your eyes are sick and staring at her. She tells that Ranbir is in her doctor’s business from now on. Asks Dushyant to join her but she likes to dance. Dushyant reveals that the doctor does not have business. Prachi says that they do not have the courtesy to talk to the girls and leave. Dushyant says that Praveen changes his wife Lega Ranbir asks who is Praveen, where is Sarita’s sister, Ranbir tells that I was wondering who is Praveen’s wife He says that Praveen Singh Chawla Dushyant asks whose wife he is. Ranbir says that he is Praveen Sharma’s girlfriend. Ranbir says that he is Dushyant says that could not recommend Hamara’s name with Ranbir. takes

 admires Ranbir to stand for Prachi and says that if she was older she went stuck by her and will her to come to him because he does not like to compete in love Aryan Sahni asks Is that why she is wearing this dress Sahana tells that she has worn this dress for the dance exhibition with Prachi. He asks why you are not talking in your cardamom Sahana and tells Aryan to hide and tells Rahul Aryan sees who she is, Sahana, what to say, Maya’s boyfriend, she says that she also wants to stop the marriage. She says that she will inform Prachi. I go to Prachi.

 Sarita is laughing after seeing Sham. She says that I have to tell you one important thing and tell 

that she saw someone, Aryan says Kimaya Boyfriend is Rahul Prachi asked did you see him where Aryan tells that he was near the corridor Prachi says they thought they had problems and issues and Rahul said that she is leaving the city. Now why did he come again Aryan says That is one of the reasons for this and reveals that Maye is serious about Ranbir and will not divorce him after marriage and Aashi is surprised and says that she wanted to leave him for money Haran says that she should leave her plan He gave her a reason to leave and told that Ranbir is smart, he is rich and belongs to a good family and his status is Prachi says that he is a very loving facial loving protective and looks at everyone with surprise and tells Is that she was telling her qualities Sarita Sister asks her to tell more what Prachi posted what to do said that if I were on you then Prachi would accept my feeling and with her that she says about Maya She is talking that she has said that we will ask Rahul to do it. Sarita’s sister says that she will drink Prachi to tell the truth. It is wrong to say that Sarita Bahn says that it would be good if Maya and Ranbir get married. She says that Rahul drinks daily, Sahana says that allows us to execute our plan

 tells Beauty. That she is now fully ready to ask her mother to ask her that she will come, she asks herself if she thought they would marry Ranbir, on which all the boys die, Rahul makes and tells that She is in Sardar, Maya tells her to go and says that we will meet after marriage Rahul says I will not drink and Mahesh will target that no problem comes he says that I will be with you near marriage Rahulthinks of doing something with

 RanbirDushyant, that he should not give the country catering for Sarita Dushyant asks what happened Ranbir says I am a cheater and a big cheater and Nita sister he says that he is from Prachi Upset because she did not come here my heart is broken he says i will not talk to her and she hates her family Says I am tense, I will go to my friend and remove my stress. Dushyant asks him to leave. Mr. Choubey asks how it happened Dushyant tells that he threatened Prachi and his family not to come here. Was given and worked from that day. She did not come and Ranbir is thinking that he did not come intentionally. Pandit ji comes there and Dushyant says you should have come on time. Pandit ji says that he would come here on time, Vikram Hai Dushyant tells Vikram to be with him and calls

 Abhi.Aryan makes a drink and tells that Rahul will run away from Dushyant as this will boost his confidence as the guards again tell about Maya and then get angry. She asks Prachi to go and fetch her because she is in the voice of getting up she says that Rahul is of the film is of greedy type and her red will bring her here tells Sahana that she is a crisis redemption