Kumkum Bhagya 11th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Vikram calling Abhi and asking where you are and someone is missing you right now saying that you gave a handkerchief and asked him to cry. He says don’t tell me to come to the wedding. Vikram says yes Dushyant takes the phone and asks Abhi to come there. He asks Vikram to come to him. Now he says that if I come here a storm will come, Vikram says I need you too me too. Says that if I come there, I will stop the wedding. He says that tell them that Abhishek Mehra is coming there. Vikram asks him to keep it on his finger. Mr. Chaubey asks why did he say that Dushyant says that it is the talk of rich people.

May be she wants to ask Rahul who is the in-charge of the dance group and tells him that he is giving him ₹ 21000 from the owner, Rahul falls asleep and says I am in charge, not to be caressed, told him to go and get the money. Rahul thinks about how these are getting life for these clothes and thinks that she calls Ga Sahana Prachi from every wedding. Tati says she is sending Rahul there to tell Aryan to give a tip Aryan asks why I will give Sarita sister tells that you are Ranbir’s brother Sarita sister says we need to call Ranbir Prachi says That will confess there Sahana says that I will bring Ranveer Kumar Prachi tells that she will go silent because Rahul knows her Aryan says that Rahul knows that Ranbir and I do not want this marriage to happen Prachi makes him an excusesays that now they have agreed to the wedding and says okay someone knocks on the door.

Levi Palvi tells Biji that she is afraid of the video dancing on the sound of the drum, Rahul asks Biji to dance her the moment. Bhiji tells Biji that Maya will not let him scold Ranbir, he tells her to be happy because they will be sad all the lives from now on, when Sahana eats her eye and gestures to Ranbir, the message job runs also see him. What does he mean Sahana says that the groom is his friend Ranbir says that I do not know you Sahana says that I am your tights D am Ranveer tells that she does not know him Sahana tells that his friend Prateek also came. Ranveer says that I will meet him when Dushyant stops him and says that Panditji is calling you Ranbir Mande Sits on and thinks that it can no longer meet Prachi Mr. Choubey tells Dushyant that Ranbir is tense Dushyant says you are in our blood sr9 informed Prachi that Ranbir cannot come.

Rahul comes into the room As Rahul is about to arrive but Sarita covers Bahn for being a Punjabi before that. What does Rahul say that I did not promise Sarita Bahn tells her to go and send someone over to drink and Said that can get good money Rahul agrees to drink. Aryan and Sarita sister give him drink. Sahana comes there and tells Prachi that Ranbir cannot come there because he is sitting on the podium. Gets or gets upset and walks away from her sister, Maya sees Prachi going and thinks that everything is now It is over.will marry Ranbir.

Hari takes water and a glass. Aaliya comes to her and asks her to rest. She says everything will be alright Riya says nothing is ok and tells that you Started telling that when he started liking Jabalpur, Prachi says that you tell every turn, you said that we will include Aya then everything will be alright. He joins again and we cannot do anything Alia said that I have done something and will inform you about my plan. I ask her to trust me or tell her to hurry. Alia tells her to rest.

Pandit ji chants mantras and worships Ranbir To concentrate, come to take flowers and greet all the gods. Vikram asked to raise the secretary and said that he can get me out of the problem, Vikram says that it is okay and goes the moment too busy to see Maya getting hurt. Hai moment is too short that her car will break down Biji says she will run away with son, does not say she will lose her memory and Pandit Will.

Priest came Mrs. carry the bride says Chaubey late and will prepare them to be introduced to Rahul and then will cover slashed his face should not see his face Mrs. Chaubey had covered her head Ranbir Thinking about Prachi and their fruits, Ranbir sees the moment too. He wakes up and says that I don’t want to get married. He says that I don’t want to marry Maya. I pick up my tongue and Dushyant goes to Ranbir. Runs and tells that if the marriage is stopped then I will stop your mother’s breath Ranbir runs and it is his dream moment also asks what happened Ranbir says all is well Pandit ji puts something in the havan and in it Points come out Ranbir asks what you put man. All the people go from there. Riya takes Biji and Pallavi in. Mr. Mrs. Chaubey Ranbir and where does he go later.

Later Smt asks Panditji that the smoke came out of Panditji To say that may be due to or may be I have added more components to call them bride and groom He still comes and happily sits for the wedding, the message Chaubey brings to the bride and her face is exposed as she flees and covers her face again. Seeing him, Ranbir starts the ritual. Are thanked for sitting with them Mrs. Choubey asks why he does not look upset. He asks that our happiness will be robbed. He must have understood that his life is our problems will end. He becomes happy and thinks that his problems Over he wants me to sit with him thinks he will fight the world for him.