Kumkum Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Aryan whoever is afraid of blankets Maya Maya’s face and body, hopes that she won’t run. She hopes no one recognizes Prachi and she sits down with Ranbir to help him. Hai Ranbir and Prachi are sitting for their wedding. What does Biji tell that they will drown and die because he cannot stop the marriage together. Vikram says that now both of you have said right and can’t you say Maya’s Maya That you do not want to get married, Mrs. Choubey comes there. Vikram tells that the decoration is good. He was doing this and says that when two women talk, God comes to listen to them. You are laughing like Gabbar Singh Ranbir says that he is laughing at his own joke Prachi says ask me how fun is made Ranbir asks if she does not tell anything that they had no choice and Thinks that when he told me that Ranbir is sitting, he saw.

Mrs. Chaubey going out and said that nothing can be done now It may be that Rahul may also faint. Sahana says that she had just gone Maya. Prachi says nothing can happen until marriage. She tells us that if we do something that Ranbir and Maya get up from the pavilion So she will take Rahul to Maya and tell her if this is a marriage, Rahul will tell everyone his truth that Maya has only two options to run away with Rahul. To be arrested by the police Sahana says that Rahul too senses Hai Prachi says that we will take her as if she is in her senses and get her mouth tied with a cloth. Maya would think that we have tied her mouth so that she does not run, asks how to raise her. If you keep the wood powder used to make Adi, then there will be so much sunlight that everyone will get up Sahana says that she will replace the material plate with wood powder.

Prachi says that we have done something about which Krishna thought Panditji did not put in the havan kund and Ranbir comes to the cities, Dushyant and Mrs. Choubey come back to Maya and Ranbir Let’s take Prachi to think that everything was going well when Ranbir made a mistake, Ranbir thinks that if I hadn’t made that mistake, I would be sitting with you Dushyant Maya and Ranbir sitting in the room. Ranbir looks at Prachi until everything is all right and says that Maya authenticates Prachi for coming there. Ranbir says you can’t do this and tells him to shut up Prachi says her OK and asks Ranbir to snatch her phone as Maya is calling Dushyant. I call Dushyant. Prachi and Ranveer try to snatch her phone.

Prachi manages to snatch the phone from her and tells That Rahul is here and I will expose in front of everyone. She says that she has agreed to do so. Ranbir asked when Prachi thinks why did you say that because when you said this, Maya nothing happened Panditji Ranbir And asks the bride to pause with each other Prachi thinks she misses the mother she remembers and is shown 1fb Lee’s mother gets upset and tells her that she will talk to her father, bubbly tells that the mother is crazy and tells Prachi and Pragya to drink cold drinks Prachi says that Bubbly is a strange girl and she got married. Pragya is saying that she must have told her mother before marriage and asks her not to tell him on the wedding day.

She wants to get married Prachi says that she will not do it. Pragya said that everything does not happen And tells her to tell me that I have to see if the boy is good. FB ends Prachi feels that I cannot marry without mother’s permission. Panditji to move forward with Maya. It is said that Ranbir did not put his hand forward, Dushyant asks if I have gone mad. Mr. Chaubey says that he does not know why she is doing this. Pallavi and Biji get happy, he says to Alia Is that I understood that Ranbir is written in your brother’s daughter Kumkum Bhagya and not in Maya’s fate, when her hands I give in and apologize .

Alia gets a call and tells Riya that Ranbir is getting into her destiny. Riya gets happy Prachi feels that Maya shouldn’t have done that. 1fb is shown again Hai Maya says she has no boyfriend Prachi says I have seen you two in the mall. How can you make it? She says that we will tell everyone Maya said that my father will deal with you.