Kumkum Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Mrs. Choubey asking Ranbir where Maya is, Ranbir asks her to look at him like this and tells that the chandelier is really good. Maya tells me that her favorite who is mine is Prachi Defeated characters Prachi thinks Is that she can ask me to hide Maya and thinks how to hide her Mrs. Choubey says that it was Maya’s favorite chandelier, after this Ranbir asked about 241 painting in Sun Maya’s mother says That her choice is Ranbir says that the painter wants to convey some message through this painting Smt. 

Asked what he wants to tell Prachi hides Maya. She picks up a maiden bridal scarf and finds it perfect but it is on Prachi’s head She hopes that Maya’s head will cover why Ranvir goes to see Prachi falling round on Prachi, Mrs. Twenty-four looks and thinks that she is Maya and asks him to come, Prachi also sits behind the bed Mrs. Chowki asks if your Ranbir tells him that I had given an argument with him and he had all gone that I You will not talk to anyone until you or I get everything right. Mrs Chaubey asks what was sworn to her mother Ranbir tells that Maya is doing right and tells that if she tried to break her fast because She has sworn a second.

If anyone tries to speak to her, the marriage will break down. Whoever asks what this oath is and says it will slap Ranbir says how will you slap another girl. She tells that after marriage, Mrs. Choubey of other girls says that she can scold them right now. The enemy calls you. Ranbir thinks she will regain consciousness in 2 minutes. I asked what do you mean Ranbir tells me what he did. It is said that if he tries to keep the matter, he should marry me that Dushyant pointed a gun at Ranbir and says that I always wanted to marry him but it was he who ignored him, Ranbir would lose then I would give you She asks the enemy to pick up the gun and tells that Ranbir will marry Maya, she tells them to get ready and out She comes and goes with Dushyant.