Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Written Episode Update

The beginning of the episode is not Vikram stating that he had made the intention of changing his voice when he is caught Sahana tells that this is me Sahana Vikram asks if she is going to a fancy dress competition after this Sahana names and states That she wants Pallavi aunty’s help to stop the marriage. He says that Dushyant had threatened her that she would not come to the wedding but Prachi has promised Ranbir to stop the marriage and so we have come here to send me.

Sarita Bahn tells what she is afraid of as her time she reveals that they had made a plan that was wasted Sahana tells about Rahul and a single is shown the moment also says that more are caught and many Sahana tells that we are delaying the wedding till Rahul regains consciousness. Like Vikram Pallavi and Biji Yojana, Sahana says that unless we find Prachi, it will not always stop, she tells that she has two There are ways and asks them to think as if someone dies.

They say no, say that if someone’s heart When the attack occurs, he says not to bear. Has the aunt and grandmother also fought at home and the pavilion breaks due to their fight. Vikram explains that Dushyant and Mr. Choubey will fire with a gun. Sahana suggests that a slight push The moment the pavilion is broken, it also shows that she has understood everything and has told that they have to act and see things, Vikram tells them not to beat.