Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Abhi’s lawyer and informs Pragya that Mr. Mehra and Ranbir have released Prachi Pragya greets her happily and ends the call she asks the cab driver to take her to P.S. Says I again call Sarita a sister and laughs and tells her that Preity is being released from lockup as Mr. Mehra and Ranbir leaves her and proves her innocence that she says the police will soon release her Wali hai Sarita tells Sister not to waste time and bring Prachi back that she will make her paw disse. She asks him to apologize to Mr. Mehra for scolding her heart. Pragya says okay I will tell her that Girlfriend asks him to apologize. Sarita sister says that your laugh is very sweet and why does the other person do it and asks her to always smile Pragya finishes the call. Sarita calls sister Sahana and informs her. Prachi is coming, Janu is happy and hugs her, Sarita sister goes to the kitchen .

Prachi The lawyer thanks constable to give the mother’s number and tells that she had scolded me a lot but someone else deserved it. Recently Pallavi and Vikram come to the police station with her. He asks about the lawyer from now on. Called her mother, she is coming moment also asks what he is saying. Alia tells that she said that brother and Ranbir freed her because they found some evidence. Pallavi looks towards Vikram Vikram says I They did not send them this time and say that if you want then the window will be closed to me.

Pallavi says what is thinking how to face Prachi Alia thinks what to do now Prachi is coming out Sanju’s phone Inspector is there but Gaya is coming here and brother is also coming here she thinks how to get out of these problems right now and Ranbir comes there right now asks Alia you come here Alia says that she is Vikram and Pallavi’s Palvi came along says that we came to know that Ranbir has proved Prachi’s innocence and praised her yet Asks how he finds out that they have proved Prachi. Alia sees Bhatt and tells that he has informed her and tells her to come and the constable’s lock opens and tells Prachi that Ranbir and her innocent Has proved her words.

Alia asks the lawyer that she has called her there and says that Prachi is coming there and hugs Abhi right now to thank Ranvir. Says and says that i just helped him a little bit Ranbir says that it all happened because of you, Aaliya is hopeful that they will leave soon otherwise if Pragya comes she will just know that she has an elder daughter and from him Pyaar loves Riya and she hopes that Pragya meets with an accident. She is just now approaching Prachi’s fire and tells him to take Prachi because she is thinking of shooting him. Raha asks him to impress him in Sharma’s case. Lawyer says ok, I get a call now and he tells Mr. Sharma that he should Neither can find.

The lawyer asks Mr. Sharma to talk and says that there is something wrong in the case. Just says first I will leave Prachi home and then come to the office, Alia takes him in due to the complexity of the case. For now she is fine and goes out with the lawyer. Pragya and just pass each other but not. Looks at the lawyers when her phone drops and calls her. She says I know you Mr. Not knowing Mera, Pragya goes inside and the lawyer feels that he will not tell Mr. Mehra about Prachi’s mother and the lawyer just leaves.

Prachi signs the papers asking Spector who had stolen the inspector. Sanju says Ranbir tells that when he comes to see me he sees that he says that he confessed to the crime when he chased him. Alia says that there are people like this Ranbir tells that he is just a puppet clown Because the mastermind behind this conspiracy is a girl, they say that they have proof, come there and hug Prachi Hai she thanks Ranbir, apologizes to Pallavi, fly, Vikram also folds his hands Prachi asks him to join hands Vikram says I always fold my hands in front of you Pallavi apologizes to Pragya Pragya says Ok she says to Prachi that you have a request and tells that Ranbir said that you have broken her friendship and asks her not to do so Prachi says that it was my fault I spoke to her very rudely.

Ranbir says okay Rhea comes there and thinks that everyone except me Prachi thinks about Pragya and asks her to resign and Ranbir gives Pragya a message to do her a favor. Asks to join because she loves you very much and knows you well. She gives the message that I cannot tell everyone about this country, but does it command her not to worry? Will settle things and ask her to bring sweets Ranbir happily wakes up and asks Alia if she is Sanjbrought Pragya’s phone.

Riya, whosays that she has brought the same phone as Sanju, Alia says that Sanju’s phone is on the inspector’s desk and asks her to change it, saying that she is very nervous and not doing it. Sakthi thinks I would have done this if Pragya had not grown up. She tells Riya’s Prachi’s mother to take her from there and tells that she is very smart Riya says that she is also good. Alia says I Didn’t ask her how she is. Just bring her sweets. Pragya tastes Prachi or Ranbir gives a message to Prachi that she is happy that she will come to office and tell that I will see her in office. The elder will take a stand for her. And thanked her for doing so much to support him, Riya comes there and pretends to sprain her leg, goes to Pragya and asks if she is okay sorry to tell her sorry. Never Alia asked the inspector to give Sanju’s phone and said that I might recognize the voice, the inspector refused. Alia says I doubt anyone, if I recognize the voice, I can help you. I tell you that Sanju was in love with Prachi and that he is heartbroken.

She reveals that Sanju worked with her for a few days and that she was a woman. She takes Sanjeev Kapoor and asks for the password. The inspector says that the password is the password. Aaliya drops it down and replaces it with another phone. She says that there is no voice recording in the phone and that Asks to send to Friendship Department Inspector says yes this is an important proof Alia says it is no longer important .