Kumkum Bhagya 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Riya happily waking up and reveals that she is fine. Alia sneaks up from there. Vikram tells Riya that she has gone to her Buzzi office Riya says that I have come here to meet her, Prachi Prachi congratulates Pragya says Pragya says we will leave from here Riya says I would have come but I have an important job with Biji Inspector asks Ranbir to sign as he gives her proof again Prachi Vikram thanks Pragya for allowing him to come to the office. Pragya says that it is her decision. Pallavi says that if I were in your place, you would not allow Ranveer to participate in the same work where we are just like him but You are not like us Biji calls Pallavi and tells that Siyapa is done she sees Dushyant behind her and tells Pallavi that Maya’s father came with Shagun and asks when you will come she says that She is insisting on getting married tomorrow. The moment also says that we will come late and finish the call. B tells something Ranbir comes Ran also comes and asks for remarriage .

Sarita sister becomes restless and asks Sahana to call Pragya and asks when will she come Sahana says I have only 5 Minute called back Sarita sister says she wants to hug them and Prachi comes home Sarita sister hugs her Sahana asks about the thief and Sarita asks about sister Pragya Prachi tells that Maya toughen up Dia She says that the real thief organization tells Sahana Sanju that she tells him about Sarita Prachi says that she is not alone because a woman is the mastermind of that girl, Dushyant comes there and he comes knocking on the door.

The ancient Sahana and Sarita are stacked dushyanta has congratulated him and that says all homes alike can come in very small he asks whether I am Sarita sister here that you have arrived already, he says You might have received Ranbir and Mike’s wedding invitation. He gets a call and asks the caller to come there and then Sarita and An Tells people that tomorrow Ranbir and Maya have a wedding and all of you are uninvited and tell them not to come there to show their beautiful faces and say that if you come then everyone’s mood will be spoiled.

Riya tells Ranbir that she will stop the marriage. Ranbir says that you were not there and says that we have tried everything possible to break this marriage but it cannot happen. He says that Maya’s family is strong and influential. Riya tells him that if they are strong then we are. She says that we are also influential. We will refuse for this wedding Ranveer goes. Vikram says that nothing can happen now Riya tells Alia to do something for the moment. Bhihi says that now we cannot do anything Vikram tells that Ranbir must be thinking that his father cannot do anything Riya says that she will talk to Ranbir, Biji says that Riya does not know what happened .

Alia threatens Dushyant, remembers cake FB is shown Dushyant says that if anyone makes a mistake then everyone will be taken and Mera will be punished. She wants to call the police. Dushyant asks her to bring the car and threatens her. She says that she knows that she has killed Maya for suicide. Alia says I did not ask her to commit suicide. Said that if I were in my place Dushyant says that if you do this then another can eat your dead body also FB ends. Alia feels that Dushyant has to stop the marriage as a strong political bandh It is very difficult Biji feels that only Prachi can stop this marriage and ask if they have invited Prachi’s family. The moment also says Alia thinks why she is falling in love with Prachi and her family.

Dushyant asks why she is scared Sita said that why we will tell that he will go to the wedding because Ranbir had invited him from the family. Maya comes there with her mother and tells Dushyant that she did not get them better. Understood Dushyant asked him to explain in the language of women.

Mrs. Choubey says that you are right and says that She will talk about not pulling the conversation. She says that you will not come to the wedding and ask them to make some excuse and tell that if they come there, they will be respected by them, Maya threatens Prachi and says Is that if you interrupt my marriage then you may have legs. She says if you say that you don’t love Ranbir but it is clear on your face that you love him I love him for my love Asks not to come there and asks Dushyant to explain them well. Don’t understand that she is a woman Mrs. Choubey says she is well understood Dushyant Maya and Mrs. Choubey leave Mrs. Sister says That Dushyant is a criminal type and tells that it is good that Pragya is not here Sahana asks if we are not going to the wedding.

Ranbir comes to the roof and thinks of Prachi coming to Ranbir And says that I don’t think we are not as connected as before. He asks what she wants to say, Riya says Now that someone is in my place because I left the house for a few days, he asks what you want to say Riya asked if you told anyone that you do not want to get married Ranbir says I tell Tired of telling Riya to tell her once and she even says that I will try to stop this marriage, also ask what you will do, Hariya says I know who you will marry and Will tell that he wants his favor, he asks if Riya says that after the work is donewill tell you.

Prachi about Maya’s words and thinks that she would marry Ranbir to Maya or any other girl. Ranbir tells that he cannot marry anyone even if Prachi does not love him or does not love me or he tells that this feeling is killing him from within. Prachi thinks that he has her Has done so well when she was a friend but now she is mine. She says that I was told not to lose to the person who loved me .

She tells she will fight for him and says until I tell her my feelings God can’t separate me from her she says she taught me love I realized what love is. She didn’t explain it to me but I understood you Never let the tears come in her eyes but fight for her, support her. She says now it is my turn to save her, Riya is in the car thinking that Prachi will not come among us now and thinks that whoever comes to them she will Will eliminate them even if they are illusion.