Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Ranbir looking at Prachi’s picture on his mobile and says that I am only yours I know that you have not done me all the work but I love you truly stay in my heart you will leave here The soul will come out of my body. Prachi says that whenever I think of you my heart beats for you. She says that if it is the love of Kumkum Bhagya about which the mother talks she says that if it If there is the same love then no one can separate us because his mom is attached to his kumkum. Ranbir tells that they are connected to the heart and do not want to be separated from him. I ask God not to separate them and says If you don’t do this then I will never worship you Riya is driving her car and says that neither Prachi nor I have been made for you yet Maya has to go through your life Ranbir looks towards the sky Prachi also remembers her moments with Ranbir and looks out of the window Ranbir also sleeps about Prachi Likes and remembers their moments Prachi puts a hand on her heart Ranbir does the same.

Rahul calls Maya Maya picks up the phone and asks why did you call me Rahul says I don’t trust you Maya She says how will love happen if you don’t trust me Rahul wakes up and tells that I am hurt Maya asks if she is drunk she says that you are drinking even after promising me Rahul tells I am afraid Ranbir is more beautiful and rich and says that once you marry him you will not divorce him. Maya says I will divorce her. Rahul shouts and says that you have to divorce him. He says that your father will kill Ranbir to love you and then you will not leave him. Maya says I will divorce him and will not ask him to drink.

Rahul tells that I love him very much and lose him Rana does not want to find Mayaria’s phone and tells Rahul that she will talk to him later as Riya gets a call, she calls Rirky Riya chooses him to come to the back of her house and asks her to meet. Okay she comes behind her house. Dushyant talks on the phone about Ranveer and says that the boy is a diamond and the girls Back Thea comes to Maya and asks why did you call me that I just asked you to work with Ranbir and asked why you are serious with him. He says that I planned all those intrigues. So that I can help her and impress her but this marriage is not in Saudi. I ask her to close it back. Maya says I will not and says that the deal was too old and everything changed over time She goes tohim to remove Ranbir and on his way.

Riya asks what will you do. Maya says that I will be exposed to all of you. I will tell everyone that you and your aunt have prosecuted Ranbir for fake molestation. Tha Dushyant listens to them. Maya says that whatever I was doing was at the behest of you, then what will happen, Ranbir, your father and everyone hates you She will say that if I go back, Prachi will snatch Ranbir from you and then you will be called a loser. Ranbir slaps her strongly. Mother says I will slap you because I feel your husband she says That someone you love will become one of my own Ranchi. She says that you should respect our friendship but I will. She says if you do this again, I will slap you. She says that you She was not in the race to win or says that I am born to win Ranbir is just mine. She says that she wins without taking part in the race. She says neither you nor Prachi can do anything Angrygoes away from there.

Dushyant and tells that another mistake he says that I am not doing anything for this mistake. He says that Ranbir Prachi and now Alia he says that many people Wanting to break this marriage, he says that Alia has instigated you to commit suicide and says that if there is anything to be done then I would not let them He will leave. He says that we will expose him. He says that Aaliya cannot harm you and tells that if someone hurts him, he will return his favor with interest.

Prachi is thinking about Ranveer Ranbir’s balcony He climbs over and asks Prachi if she can come. Prachi smiles and says come on, then she realizes that he has come to reality and asks why you came she closes the door Ranbir asks if I am in. Aa Jaun Prachi says yes and states that sometimes the door will be used to come and go. Ranbir smiles and reveals that he is getting married to Maya tomorrow and reminds her about Rahul and Maya’s plan. Prachi says that she will get divorced from me the next day. I remember what is the problem if I get divorced. Ranbir says that the problem is that the girl asks for more money from the boy for divorce and I do not want my father to work hard. Go to Maya, he says what people will say and I don’t want to marry him and don’t believe in that relationship He wants to do what is not for life. He says he does not want to marry Maya. Prachi asks who do you want to have a relationship with? Ranbir says I want to have a relationship with him. He shakes his hair with his face.

Right now he talks on the phone and tells that he will not come to attend and attend the wedding and comes here and cries Abhi asks her to stop the marriage, now says that it is not my marriage then Can’t stop till Ranbir stops it. He says I can’t force it and if he told me something, I will stop this marriage. Riya remembers his words and says she doesn’t help you. Wants because she does not want you to get into a problem right now, says that I am a big problem myself and asks that Ranbir thinks on this day Riya says if you tell Ranveer you will stop the marriage, now here says and tells Is that she feels that this marriage will not happen. Riya hugs her. Now she feels that Ranbir will not let her get married because you are suitable for her.

Prachi asks Ranbir again Ranbir says he wants to have a relationship with her Prachi gets surprised and asks what did you say Ranbir says like you joked I also joked he says he wants He is my best friend during his marriage. He says that whenever you are with me I love and you will save me. He says that once everything is alright, we will be together. He asks that you with me Will stay and ask if you will ever leave me leave.

Ranchi says I will notyou. Ranbir asks her to promise Prachi holds her hand and says she does not want to promise because he breaks down. She asks him to trust her. Is that she will come and never come with him. She tells him to believe and promises someone to knock on the door. Prachi says that maybe I have come if she sees you here. Ranbir says You will never have any problem in life when I am with you this promise can be broken but I will not try to break it. Says that I am getting married to someone else but I will just wait for you Prachi sees Babu and tearful eyes. He goes out the window. Prachi opens the door and comes near the window. He remembers holding his hands. Does and puts his hand on his chest.