Kumkum Bhagya 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Pragya’s picture with Alia and tells that the brother met you in the lift but he did not bring you here as he may have thought that you might hate the courier but Riya really loves you and If she knows you then you are her mother, then she can sham you but I also will not let you get away from me thinking that it would have been better if you were in ancient jail and in your jail she says that she is in jail Prachi must have found a woman who attacked her and you will retaliate when she is accused of attacking you. Riya comes there. The picture of Pragya falls down but it is about to be taken away. Tells that she had come to mother’s house and had threatened to expose her.He says that if this happens then Ranbir and Papa will hate me Alia says I will talk to Maya before marriage then I will do something Which makes Ranbir happy to marry you, Alia feels that you have been brought by us, we have brought.

Sahana to Prachi What did Prachi say that we will not allow this marriage to happen? Sahana asks what happened to you when Dushyant calls Prachi and tells that he forgot a thing and so calls him he tells me Didn’t tell anyone that I told you not to come to the wedding. If you tell something, Maya’s name will be ruined and then Ranbir’s family will feel bad. Jai says that he does not want to be like that. He says that I I know how much you love your mother and family and ask her to take safety measures, ended the call in Prachi and told Sahana that she said that if we go to marriage thento us and mother.

Ranbir PallaviAnd Vikram comes to the wedding with his family members Dushyant tells that if he will get full respect Ranbir says that we are meeting something Dena Dushyant laughs and says that you will smile like this, smiling face will look beautiful. What happened, why did your smile disappear and someone is forced to smile Mr. Chaubey Aarti Offers and performs Ranveer’s Aarti Mr. Choubey garlands Ranbir and welcomes him Ranveer thanked Dushyant garlands Aryan Riya asks Alia if we can stop this marriage Alia says yes only you It is right for her that she will go and look at Maya, Alia thinks that once she marries us, your enemy will be Prachi tells that she will not let her control go out.

Maya sees Rahul and has sent them out. That she says that she made her her own. When the right time comes, I ask why you didn’t call me. He says someone is coming often. He asked why did you come here, Rahul says that I am feeling that you are getting married He is about to leave me later. He asks if you are planning this or tells that it is a matter of one or two days. You know that I am getting married to Ranbir’s money. I will let Ranbir know that she does not feel safe. Rahul says that he is more beautiful to you than Ranbir, you are happy.

Ranbir said to Choubey, when is he I call Ranbir and call my son-in-law and he says that you are making me old, Mr. Choubey laughs. I ask Aryan what he wants, Aryan says my brother and goes after Ranbir, Ranbir tells Aryan If he meets Prachi once, he will send him to hell. Aryan says that he will send you to hell and will also ring the bell now. Ranbir asks him to go to Maya’s father and laugh. It seems that he Laughter gas theme post what to do because he is laughing.

Ranbir says where is Prachi Dushyant name guard not allowed Prachi her sister and mother to come in. Prachi Sarita sister and Sarana come there and listen to Dushyant says Dushyant That I will tell what to do with them Prachi looks at Ranveer and thinks that I know you are looking for me Mrs. Choubey comes to Ranbir and tells that she looks very beautiful today, tells that she But Ranbir will put Kala Teeka, says that it is not needed because Aryan is standing with him whose heart is Kala, Aryan asks What are you saying Ranbir and asks them to do this too Aryan bhai says Mrs. Choubey laughingly tells Ranbir thatwill take him to Maya.

Riya comes to Maya’s room Maya tells Rahul to leave. Hai and calls her Mummy. Riya sees her face and asks who she is. Maya says that she is from a drama company as he is doing drama on day 1 of reception. They will do a play on Ranbir and his love story and How are Riya getting married? Do you think I am a fool? I ask if you think I will think of another man and leave Ranbir. She says you need a doctor from Mrs. Chaubey Ranbir Maya says that her daughter loves her and that half of the story is made up. Maya tells that she will not leave Ranbir for money or on someone else. Riya says that I do not love you.

Maya says that she will love me soon. Will Ranbir asks Riya not to marry him and tells that if he does not agree then she will be forced to stop the marriage, she forgets him Nee dare not to say that she gave him money to get close to Ranbir Mrs. Choubey comes there and hears them Ranbir also comes Mrs. Choubey has questioned that I think Ranbir Ranveer comes there And holds his hand. He reveals that he knows its intentions are noble. Mrs. Choubey says Carrier gave money to Maya. Ranbir reveals that he does not believe him and tells him not to accuse his friend. Hai Choubey asks Riya to leave and the husband leaves the wife alone. Riya leaves Mayaria to go with her mother.