Kumkum Bhagya 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Mrs Choubey asking Riya why she is after Ranbir and tells that she is going to marry her daughter. Oh it is said that she is not married yet and there are many chances that she will not get married. Choubey says that Prachi and you are behind Ranbir, Riya tells that Prachi is his servant and we do not have any luggage recorded Mrs. Choubey tells that Maya and Ranbir are getting married and asks Riya to befriend him She will see when the wedding will take place Mrs. Choubey says that you are very stubborn and tells that she is from Choubey’s family and they decide to break up to get married and Riya asks him if he is done with the lecture and Goodbye says mr also says you have got so much riya says yes i am the daughter of abhishek prem mehra she says i am in her blood and this marriage is happening because of her mistake and so she came to news May be, her mistake is broken Smt thinks what was the fault.

Maya asks Ranveer what happened she asks him that she How she looks in her favorite color tells that she will get this matching dress so that they see the cute pair. Ranbir says that I had met Rahul and he told me everything is right Maya says that a husband you gift your wife today Gives and you are reducing my image. He says that you love Prachi and want to marry him. Ranveer asked what I said. He says that I met Rahul outside Maya says about Prachi I know everyone but it is not about Rahul. She says that Rahul is my proof lover and had a past. Ranbir says that you still love him and want to live your life with him.

Maya says that she told me a lie She said that she does not take her life. She says if I divorce you, people will joke on you. She says that once an Indian girl gets married, she does not change her husband. She says that I am just I am yours and you are mine. I will not let you be someone else. Ranbir goes to the song and goes out about his words. Thinks and gets worried. I used to think how to get out of Maya’s trap and the elder is far away from me. He calls her and thinks why she is not picking up the phone, she gets Prachi’s message that she is not today Maya thinks how to save me like this. Maya comes there and asks if he is thinking about Prachi. It is clear in his eyes that he loves Prachi, that she tells Prachi’s She went home and the elder father warned her not to come to the wedding. She says that you know very well how she is. I said that now we know each other’s secrets and can enjoy our married life.

He sees Prachi standing up and calls her. I ask where Prachi is Ranbir says I thought as if I have seen them. The mutation calls Mike and she comes to get ready and gets up from Ranbir. She Prachi was Aryan bumps Ranbir and asks if he is looking for someone Maya Ranbir tells that he has gone mad after seeing Prachi’s house and is not inappropriate. She asks for and tells that Prachi will come today Ranbir tells her everything and says that the elder will not take any big risk for me because she does not love me, tells her not to be today. Ranbir tells her that she is feeling Is that if he marries Maya, he will lose Prachi. He says that Maya has told him that she will not divorce him after marriage. Riya makes it and tells that she will stop the marriage. Ranbir says that now You can’t do anything, only Prachi can stop this marriage. Riya looks upset.

Everyone dances. Pallavi dances with Mrs. Chaubey and others asks if your mother is happy for marriage. Ranbir tells that when the song starts If it happens, Punjabi dances, Dushyant comes and takes Ranbir to dance. Ranveer dances. Prachi is one of the dances with Sahana and later tells her mustache to stick well. Asked to do, Ranbir says that I knew that he had asked you to come here and says that you too have come for me, Prachi She sees and smiles Ranbir thanked Prachi says I have to come here and tells me how I can see you marrying someone else Ranbir asks why you don’t want me to marry someone Prachi Prachi sees her to answer.

Prachi says because then ask why you don’t want to marry me Prachi closes her eyes and says that I am your friend and promised you that you will not let me marry you Ranbir says that he says that Dushyant threatened you that you don’t come, Prachi says that I was worried for him and says that if I don’t come then you hoist me flag Ranbir smiles and says that you know Will be whom I will marry. The girl is right for me. He tells her to be his friend. Sarita sister. She comes and tells Ranbir that she came as she tells that Maya’s Tau Ji’s Kullu Halwai Khan ordered and tells that he asked Kallu Halwai to cancel the order. He got the order that Prachi could help him. Prachi hugged her and thanked Sarita and hugged her and told that you said really good songs that she didn’t tell Pragya about Dushyant’s wealth.