Kundali Bhagya 10th September 2020 Written Episode Update

The Luthra family tries to stop the police from arresting Karan, Rishabh assures that he will follow his orders due to the freebies only then stops them saying that this should not be the case and taking him to the police station There is no need from K cori. Rakhi also assures them that she will not insult Amrita anymore, the inspector asks the constable to come out saying that she should not favor Karan as he is insulting her in front of his eyes. Alankar orders Rakhi to stand with Preeta on the other side of Karan’s door.

When this happens, Pari tamang. She takes a platter from Myra Kareena and puts it down as she can till Rakhi comes forward and performs the ritual. She happens to remember when she convinces Karan and comes to see father because she is his lucky charm. The police inspector asks why she has stopped me. I run into my room and she runs into her hands. Sherlyn mentions that she must have made a lot of mistakes and It may be that she is complete because she has lost the battle and Preeta’s stars must have woken up as she feels that God is writing her destiny as nothing right can go wrong with her, Mehra says her She refuses to believe that she has the same plan and will be the one to throwout of the house the next day. 

Preeta stops Rakhi from performing the rituals. The inspector posts what happened because she should let the ritual take place. Karan says He is just acting on which the inspector tells us that that is the reason he said that he will come and check it from time to time, Preeta said that she only wanted to stop him because when she left her house So her mother was crying and really was so they wanted her mother to see this too and is going to enter the house and so she calls her mother. Shri Krishna answers the call and Gayatri and her greetings with all While saying that there is no need to worry because she is going to enter her house and takes what is actually located and then Rakhi starts the aarti after which asks Geeta to hit the vase with her right foot and then enter the house with her feet in a kumkum thali as her Lakshmi will enter her house and finally enter the family as Karan Samir and Rishabh are really happy while really frustrated. He walks away and resorts to Karna. The rituals of the world have come to an end and now they will take the blessings of the elders. Everyone sees what he fell into. Mentioned that he knows everyone. Dadi wonders whyare so happy with the wedding.

Karan and PreetaKaran and Preeta take the blessings of both Dadi and Kareena and then turn to the front and smile giving them their blessings and say that they are together Rishabh mentions that now they should bless both of them Rishabh congratulates them all, says Rishabh says that he should be happy too because Kareena is also surprised now that he ends the call. And thewelcomes Preeta to the house and inspector alsocongratulates him and he Mention that he is going to leave for now but will come from time to time as he does not fulfill his duty. He tells that he is a big fan of his and has seen all his matches so he will also watch How would it be that Ho fulfills this in his life. Then he leaves all the Luthra mansion.

Srishti is mentioning that she believes all the things have happened that bring the sweets they wanted and starts eating. Srishti says That there is still a ritual to be performed which Nita na hai Preeta comes to Mahesh Luthra’s room, mentioning that she finally has a daughter and father relationship and she will always call him Papa so that he will call her And protect the family because she always wants the well being of this family. She suspects that she should give her her blessings. I am able to fight the people who make mistakes of this family and also the strength to fight them all. 

He will replace the morning but will do now  Sherlyn asks Maya tells Maya what happened because he aural night Reetha said that she still did not want to be near the house so did nothing. Under any circumstances, Preeta enters Karan’s room and remembers every moment spent with her. And was full of open heart but he is still worried about what to come forward in his life.