Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sameer and Srishti will try and kiss him. To hear why he went to make a video call Srishti says if what he wants, Sameer says that if he complies with his will then he should not kiss him. Srishti becomes the state to do what she wants. In full, Kareena tells Rakhi about all the decorations tomorrow. Grandma and Karan come there. They wonder why Dadi is not living yet, says Dadi. That Karanpura is tense he is taking her to the guest room and securing that they go to sleep first Karan requests Rakhi do I come with her and massage her body Rishabh complains that the reason is her room I do not want Karan to say that he knows that Rishabh will force him to go to his room.

Grandma tells that Karan does not want to be with Preeta in the room then why does Kareena force her to tell Karan Should be in the room. She will talk to a lawyer tomorrow morning. She will handle the NGO and the police comes there saying that definitely to It is safe to stay in the guest room. Already Preeta treats her as Roshni and Karan as a car cat. Karan must clearly tell Preeta. Sameer forces him for reasons otherwise Sameer says that if Preeta didn’t confront So they will discredit the brothers. Can Karan give up so easily. Boys never lose to a girl and what grandma says is the act and politics. Raja never leaves his seat. Illustration should not leave his room in Kashmir. Karan tells Karan not to get into a furore, Sameer says that he heard her talking in her own way that she left the cause in her room, raiding and succeeding in her work, Karan’s feelings. The family was angry at Sameer for being ignored.

Camp says that he was right in the past and everything he said today is also right. Kritika was upset that Preeta has changed the woman in the corridor stops Kausha to talk to Karan. Says that he is going to his room. The lady wrestling inspector went to the room and now go to the room Karan clarifies that all he needs to do is talk to Preeta. Sameer cursed himself for what he said then realizes his own back to do it all alone and type I Calls to Srishti and tells her that she ignored Karan’s feelings and he sent her to the room but their differences could now prevail.He told Karan a lot like he is used to doing, he wants to know about the weather. Was but now he can listen with the girls. Now, Karan will go and ask Preeta why she moved out of the way, although it is not known and Srishti said that her wedding night will be the most horror film of her life.

Pritam will say that it was the idea of ​​creation and will also tell Karna that she was nervous among themselves. She guarantees that she will speak politely not only from today but also ask Karna to say sorry. She says that today Sir, I sent Pritam to Luthra’s house so that he would be able to live in his house and I was excited to have a good wife for Karna. Today, it is their wedding night, Srishti tells Sameer that their work does not end here, Myra and Sallu were ready to create differences between them by sitting in the house. She should keep an eye on them suddenly their call is cut off. That the phone battery was taken. He decides to keep an eye on Myra and Sherlyn. Murray goes to Kasab’s Karan Preeta’s waist in the corridor. Sherlyn assures the woman that she had just gone to the room to show Preeta that he was here .

The boss is a woman in a state of panic as she has come home with all her belongings and now she has also gone to him. She decides to go out of her room and spy on her in the room. Preeta wonders what to do. Taught the mother a lot but she decided to close the room because she could not think of an open door Karan should be asleep by now. She could tell the reason for wanting that she is not the one who came here in the room. Entering saying that he does not need to give any reason, once he is mesmerized by seeing Preeta, he tells Preeta that he Shree can’t fulfill the plan. Preeta says okay she goes to close the door. He says hello. Karan says that there is no lion in this room. What animal’s channel has she seen to sit on her bed? Tries to lie down and forbids her from using her room and takes her face closer remembers memories of her past.