Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Karan asks Preeta what actions he is apologizing to because he knows that he is angry because he can be seen in her feelings yet convinces himself that he can only see love in her eyes May because he is not angry and does not believe in the reasons he only has love for her with great respect but stops talking to the village and leans over her shoulder and begs her to accept him as his wife And she will be with him because she has a husband but she does not understand.

She says that she will respect him for God. She says that every relationship can be cluttered but she is apologizing to him for his cars. Is that she will not call him by the names she does. She is forced to agree to his words. She is about to leave but she says how can he leave this way because she apologized and forgive him. That if he hugs and hugs, then he releases them, then both of them spend with him in the position of committee Yes, even begin to miss the special steps while unable to control these Maya who gets angry after hearing them talk.

Passes into the room. He thinks as she says that both Karan and Preeta are standing outside the room. He says That she has to eat them all. She calls him. He says that they should not listen to their conversation as this is not right. The brother-in-law threatens her but she says that she will call everyone Shubh with Sherlyn. They will talk, they both leave the place, Sameer feels that he has sent both of them away and now they want me to talk to the universe.