Kundali Bhagya 16th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Preeta thinks what Karan thinks about himself that he thinks he is trying to tell that apple to come because he just wants to see the buffalo. He thinks that there is no etiquette left in the world because there is so much It is a misconception that Amrita gets ready to sleep because she has stopped doing it and she will be able to sleep.

She is on the couch thinking that Preeta has cried a lot but he will not budge on it because she is also very angry. Listening to the clouds, he says that she is angry too but hears so cold, so how can 100 paper sleep due to the heavy rain on the bed, Karan also flees but again lies down on the couch as he opens it. The girl is not going to ask, seeing the window rain, Preeta also goes near but the girl is so angry at seeing Karan, she stops thinking that she is the same, she did not see that she opened the window herself because who would she come close to? Wants, on the other hand, thinks that she will not open because Karan, who asks her, gets worried.

when she is idolized back then Realizes how cold he is and leans against the girl in the last Preeta also opens the window and they both run into the room Myra is going into the hall crying thinking that what happened to her should not have happened She thought of finding me from what she had done though he is sleeping when Hai opened the door and so she thinks that she is not spared for what she has done till she has escaped Karan and Preeta’s Maya decides to find out what’s going on between.