Kundali Bhagya 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sarla asks Parita why she did not think even once that she married Karan, Sarla reveals that she loves the family very much and so when she confesses to him, she gives up her life to save the Luthra family. Then what happened when both of them said that she got some things that come back to her mother Sarla said that she cannot end her marriage with Karan as Preeta loves them so much so she How scared she should feel that she can do anything if she wants. Sarla says that Sherlyn and Myra can’t mean anything. She also mentions that she can’t trust Karan Because he is not a good person but she is married to him because his father is in danger of his life and is also protecting the whole family. 

Prithvi is thinking of slapping Sarla. He shouts your not even standing in front of him. Maybe and slaps him but now he will see revenge. It will happen tonight so he starts driving fast and Sarla goes to her to change her baggage Sarla mentions that she should not come back as she can become bad for good Karan and she is nothing to be ashamed as she knows from her soul that she is a Is a good person, but inside it will come to know that she is not doing anything wrong. She says that one has to take care of time as no one can stand near her but she has to be ready. Know that a child always has to stand behind his mother if he has to do each and everything.

But some places have to fight with patience so he should fight he will always stand with his daughter whenever All she will need is to call him and she will run to him but they have to fight and what to do with them. She knows that her daughter has the power to fight the whole family. She also mentions that she now has She has the strength to fight this war because her mother is with her so she can do anything she can to fight against evil Shaita will feel as if I am not weak. Both hug each. Healing and crying. Seeing whom Janaki and Srishti are also.

Karan is remembering in his room how it was with him while lifting the veil. How she was taken out of the house. She takes the bottle of liquor saying that Preeta will not be able to forgive what she wants.

The whole Luthra family is in the hall. Grandma asks Ramona to worry because Mara killed her family. Ramuna mentions that Rakhi should be accepted only then Rakhi comes ready, which has happened. Dadi mentions that she has taken a decision which has to be fulfilled. Kareena mentioned that Karan and Maya will get married the next morning. Dadi also says that she has sent Karthik to bring Karan. When he arrives, Maya mentions that the two of them will get married tomorrow. He sees everyone who says that it is not him who is being asked by Karan. Said that he has no problem with this.

Prithvi rang the bell at Arora’s house and Sarla and Janaki wondered if it could happen With so much left for Luthra’s house Janaki mentioned that she would just be a Luthra mansion and now with the call of words there would be an argument indicating the start of a war. She opens the door to find the Earth. When Janaki mentions her leaving Prithvi comes to Salah crying while crying, I order her to leave because she is not in her senses but she says that he is her son and was going to marry Preeta. But Kar came and sat in the pavilion and after betraying them all he accepted as his son while he was asked to leave Prithvi demands Karan while strengthening Sarla to find his ears.

The bell rings in Luthra Haveli Rishabh Ganeshji asks to open the door while everyone is still rejoicing and Preeta is standing at the gate.The whole Luthra is surprised to see the families from there, she picks up her suitcase and comes into the house. Can’t do anything with the family but to see her Myra asks that they throw Rita out of that house Mentioned that the guests move out of the family but Shalini goes on to ask how can she talk to Mehra in such a way that she is Karan Luthra’s wife tells her to stop.

Prithvi lost her control And starts the house saying that leaving the father on the street apologizes to her but she says that she does not need her forgiveness as ridicule in the society and she mentions that her family members and friends He started making fun of her, who could not argue about it. It also says that Karan challenged her and he lost but still did not accept Preeta as his wife. Allah gets angry and Janaki Asks to throw Prithvi out of the house. She is not ready to say that if she does not stop then she will be hurt once again.

Karan asks Preeta that she asks him the reason for coming to her house. Members of the government organization also enter the house, the whole family goes and stands near Karna, Rita says that they are women of the society She comes to take the right to be the daughter-in-law of Karna’s wife and his family. Rakhi is happy with her decision while everyone else is angry.