Kundali Bhagya 4th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Preeta tells that Myra is her son because she is trying to become Karan’s second wife Ramona also mentions that this tourist who is trying to become Karan’s second wife, NGO people say that Karan’s side His wife Rivka also says that he should take the side of his wife. People in the NGO say that they should come to know the truth about Preeta and Karan’s marriage. He replied that Karan and Preeta were married and This is Satya.

Sherlin replied that Rishabh is only saying this because he is Preeta’s friend and he values ​​his friendship more than his relationship with Karan but Karan says that he should keep quiet because his brother gives him this Ramona tries to convince him that he loves life the most, but she orders that he should keep quiet.

People start questioning each member of the Luthra family that they have done Karan’s actions. Why did not do anything to stop them because they were not according to the norms of their family or society. Orders Preeta to leave her house like this, the last time he is politely asking, she refuses to mention that she is standing in her house and will never leave Karan again calling the inspector and demanding. He says that he comes to her house. They also say that he has made the right choice as he will need to call them so they help him in disguise. Karan said that after listening to what he has done, he will leave her as well. Hole leaves. She walks into the hall thinking that what the victim has done is not right because it destroys the family’s reputation which she cannot bear. Ramona also mentions that I should not have done it though He did this. He wants to become a member of the society.

Kareena stops him saying that it is not Rakhi’s fault because Preeta always acted as innocent in front of him. She also tried to raise her Rakhi mother so that she In order to gain sympathy, Rakhi says that she will never forgive her father because she She has hurt him to such an extent that she will never accept what she does to the victim. Kareena says that if the victim had married Prithvi, their life would have been different and easier.

Sarla says that it is really It was good that Parita was not married to him. He respected her because she thought that Preeta would not be able to marry a more honest person because he was good with the whole family including Parita but she was wrong to hide what she really is. Said that Karan is very good to her as she has only one Radha but only one Green person like Prithvi. She says that she mentioned that she had survived twice and she would marry him but this is what she wanted. So she has said those things. I am not worried about what the society thinks and she prays that no family like her should get damned. She orders that Srishti get her out of her house. She tries Is supposed to throw him out but he comes back saying that after rejecting him they are going to hell.

Open the door and it will have consequences that they could not understand because he hates all of them and will definitely take revenge on them. He pushes them all and goes to Preeta’s room knowing she kills him from behind. Comes hurting from the earth but falls when Srishti kills her with her feet. Sarala says I am not lying because Preeta is not in her house. She is telling the truth after she realizes in Luthra house when Sarla She says that she would have called the police otherwise, she said that if Preeta had not married Karna, they would all respect her, although that is not the case. In the anxiety group I know how everyone has to kneel before her and To make sure this happens.Srishti asks if her life is okay. She also asks Sala if she is okay.

Sherlyn asks if they will all think Preeta is true but Karan replies that the people who say that She is true. She has been her mind. Kritika said that she knows that when the people of the NGO were watching her, she What was she trying to do? Dadi says that she is someone who only wants money. Why did she not say anything when Kareena was trying to throw her out of the house? She said she would listen to Rakhi yet She is still trying to sneak into their house. She tries to leave. After that Sherlyn asks her where she is going. He says that she shouldn’t ask him because he will tell her everything. It is important that

Sherlyn sees outside Prithvi’s house and leaves the shell to go after her. Maya mentions Dadi saying that both Karan and Rishabh are members of her family so nothing will happen to them but what will happen to them is Dadi’s surprise There is nothing wrong that will happen when Preeta will not accept because she is still in the house while Preeta is out. 

Rishaba runs to Karan saying that she has to stop it because if the police arrive they will favor Preeta. Said that the inspector is his fan so there is no need to get upset Sameer asks Rishabh if Parita is any Justice will get justice Rishabh says that she will definitely get justice although she tries to convince everyone that.

Gayatri surprises Preeta that the police will take her side. She gives another case where the girl was wrong because she Only wanted money but not with Preeta and they will definitely win this case.