Kundali Bhagya 7th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Sherlyn is walking in the way of the hole, she walks out the window thinking that she felt that this is the earth but when she is the idol, she is the same, knowing that the earth is standing behind her, she asks him if she is in the house What he is doing is mentioning that he came to complete what she was not able to do as he told her that the victim was kicked out of the house but she is still present in the house. She asks him questions. That who Sherlyn suspects and she asks him who pinks him out, he replies that no one gives him the power to do so. He embraces her, saying that he never gets along with his plans. Should leave because he’s all he got.

He hugs her. When the brother-in-law asks what has happened, he mentions that he will ruin Aurora and make them realize that she is the one who accepts his daughter. Wanted to do and the one they did not accept which Sherlyn went dazed on hearing that the police are terrified and he asks her that they have done that Karan has come for the opposite because no one wants him to come to their house, so Karan called theon him.

The policeman enters the house. The inspector said, “We have called them. Karan enters the hall and the inspector Can’t close her eyes because she is a big fan of her mouth. Takes a selfie with her. Gambhir as she asks for a reason. Maya has jumped in to play and is claiming to be Preeta and Karna’s wife but not. Since the family is not even accepting Preeta, Gayatri then mentions that she told herself that she is married to Preeta.

Karan stops them saying that she called the police to tell them that the father was actually What kind of girl is she mentioned that the victim tried to kill her father and also tried to make sure that he did not get out of coma and he also tried to read it so that he should be charged with these two criminals But it says that both the crimes which have happened is true but it is not because She has nothing to do with this. She says that she always accuses that house of everything. On being mistaken with her family she mentions that she married him with all the rituals while in the country. Karan says That he should forget that marriage because no one in his family knows that his mother was there and he gave her his blessings. He is still there to deny the marriage and it is okay.

Preeta stops him saying That they both got married twice and once she did not know who the groom is and this time he was the one who did not know that she was the bride. Preeta says that this time her family objected to the wedding but they all Know that once married, no one can change it.

Sherlyn refuses to believe that she is married and tries to make excuses by saying that there was only one party in their house, Preeta asks him. Asks that they then build a pavilion. They all try to deny him, but he stops Myra, saying that her sister was also present and He made a video of his two companions, who were also trying to deny it, so after he got married, after watching the video, the inspector informed him that he had been married twice and hence he could not get Preeta from home. Dropped out for which she can arrest her whole family is shocked anyway and says that she cannot do it but the inspector mentioned that according to all the articles she is married and therefore does nothing against him.

Can Inspector asks Karan to show his evidence Ok Preet was the one behind everyone and whatever has gone wrong with his family she asks him what proof is the father has passed his brother, Rishabh mentions Kiya said that he was not behind the kidnapping of her as he knows he is not able to do something so he understands that Karni has to say because he loves her very much but that does not mean that it is the truth Pulls him and asks what he is doing. He says that he says that Karan needs to remove a misunderstanding from his eyes. Must be because what he is doing is wrong .