Kundali Bhagya 8th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Rishabh asks why Karan is blaming the father without any proof and it is the case with his entire family. Karan said that he has felt bad because ever since Palita has come to life since her first meeting. Then he pretended to be good in front of her. He refused to accept his lies because he knows how to differentiate between right and wrong. He starts doubting Rishabh. Preeta also says that she trusts Rishabh too. Can’t So that’s why Sister can trust her.

Karan separates her saying that he shouldn’t talk between her as he was talking with his brother Parita tells that they both talk about her So she had every right to talk. She mentioned that she tried to explain what she tried to do but she refused to believe that she was right and I could not deny her. The friend’s entire period was lost in trying to convince her that she was right and so she has decided to do what she feels and is now begging her No asks. The Inspector asks that they speak in front of him. Karan goes to the Inspector saying that he does not give any authority and refuses to accept Preeta as his wife but has so much mentioned that he has He has taken a vow at the time of marriage so he should accept his responsibilities as he needs to stand by his side for the good of the family Karan said that he will never get undiscovered satisfaction.

Kareena Dadi and Salim all mention that Karan Preeta Kaira stops Sherlyn by saying that she should not do anything like this and that she would have to spend the rest of her life in jail whenever the media came to jail. Even if they break the news, they will favor Preeta and this will cause a lot of trouble for Karan Luthra and his family.They all start blaming Preeta but she mentions that she has given Karan full 1 year to decide but she Who was not able to do this by resorting to law and Forced to give back the money she deserves.

She does that she left the street at midnight after getting married for the first time and now she is trying to do it once again but I will not let her go Because he has not got any extra time, Karan said that he knows what kind of person he is and after some time he will ask for alimony as it is his nature, Rita said that he has informed her earlier that He never sent any notice. He says that he loves his family very much and is wearing a mask to remove. He is going to accept the father as his wife. Everyone is shocked to hear even all of the cars. I am claiming that she is now Karna’s wife. Luthra everyone is surprised by this decision Smile because he never wanted her to marry us. Thank God she has finally got it for all she wants. Was but now see what happens when the truth comes. Inspector says she will leave but come back from time to time for investigation Will goes so that he can see that nothing wrong has happened to him. Sameer gets a call from Srishti.

Myra walks into her room. Chases her. Maya is not able to control herself, saying that she is the one who is from Karan Marriage is also trying to calm her down but Maya says that she was challenged to find and yet they were not able to stop her. Still tries to calm down. I tell her that she Unable to stop being able to come to Luthra’s house when they all refuse to accept her as their own daughter. Sherlyn states that Maya didn’t give up the fight and they should at least fight her because Can’t let her come in the room because she won’t be able to stop anything from happening.

Sameer is really happy that the address comes back saying that she and it could be for good. She hears that Grandma and Karthika are coming and Dadi hai says that she was wrong and this kind of situation causes tension. She asks what has happened. She says that she has entered Preet Nagar and when she has given Rakhi Even when she tried to blackmail, it did not work, so she asked the NGO to help people so that they could come to her house. She tries to convince that Parita is not well in this case and even with a kind of victim.

Not saying that time is wrong. He sits down with Grandma. When he tells her that he is feeling pain in his legs, he requests that she call Preeta but he refuses, saying that he can’t stand Can make them both together. Srishti is with Janaki and Sir Likes. She asks Janaki that she will be his best friend as she is no longer his sister so she needs someone else and if she refuses she will Dadi tells Janaki and that she is her best friend and her relationship with Sarla is really different because she is like a coconut which is stubborn and harsh from outside.