Kundali Bhagya 9th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Gayatri blessed both of them by mentioning that he can lead a happy life while stating that each and every family faces problems but now the work is over so he has to leave. Receive feels that he feels That this is the beginning of a problem but she is just hoping nothing goes wrong.

Maya thinks she will make sure to get her out of the house as soon as the injector kills Karna out of the house. The inspector stopped them all saying that something really important would be fulfilled and it was the village Prabhas who would also fulfill Karan mentioned that there was no such ritual in his family, Rishabh told him Has stopped following the reservation because he was about to get married and Sharan falls down. Gayatri also says that after the entry ceremony in her house, her NGO must have gained a lot of reasons that she knows What kind of person is Rita really? Inspector says that she is an admirer of Karan A but she cannot refuse to accept that she will treat Preeta to Osman for which she is eligible because if she does not do so she will force Preeta to come and go several times which she does not.

Ramona and Kareena try to question both of them, however, explaining that she is not afraid of them and does not have enough time to worry. She demands Rakhi to prepare a plate for Pooja as she is completely She orders to leave and sets room for both Karan and Preeta. Mother says that they have done it and leave her just after looking at the home entrance. The inspector is not intact saying that if they did How can they prepare the room if not prepared. Myra refuses to let her see the room as she is an outsider. Sherlyn has stopped saying that she will go and finalize the room. She also hit and Salim. After the two now, the constable sends Ganesha to order that he helpcome with his grandmother.

Ki’s mother gives her the strength to fight for the right and so she will never stop because her mother is standing with her. She will never let her mother bow down after being embarrassed. Sarla is investigating. Srishti asks Is there any problem with the connectivity of their phone. They tell that there is nothing wrong Sir has brought up and sits back wondering if he did the right thing to send his daughter to Lara’s house anyway. Shree likes the creation, Srishti is with him saying that she should not worry as Preeta has gone to her house and she should not forget that Parita is also the daughter of a lioness and has the strength to fight for what is right Hoagi Rakhi is given in the kitchen and searching and is really stressed.

Then Kareena asks what she is doing which mentions that they are searching for Kareena says they find her in the cabinet next to the temple. Kareena says Is that she is stressed because she trusted a lot and loved him but after she brought people from NGO to her house She has lost faith so she will never trust him again. Kareena tells that they should never have feelings when the father tries to blackmail her emotionally. Kareena then mentions that she must return with him.

Celina is decorating her room. Constable leaves and Maya lies down on the bed, saying she should have been with Joe’s cause but Pritam ruins everything. The brother-in-law refuses to let her sit Granted but the constable orders that he was ordered to decorate the room, Sherlyn stops him explaining that Maya is dizzy so they will help her or else decorate the bed with rose flowers. Pinches her finger, realizing she can also bank. Neighbors she tries to do so but the constable warns that she should do things that lead to her arrest to take grandmother Karthika to her room Says Sameer thinks he can call Srishti otherwise he is really I will be angry with her. Grandma asks him what he is thinking about which he cannot answer as she comes with him.

Karthik says that he wants to witness what is happening recently. When Ganesh arrives, he is calling Dadi but they refuse, saying that she will not come as she cannot make the drama a prayer.Ganesh explains that he is being called to bless Preeta but Dadi Says that he is not his family member and they both stop laughing. Ganesh tells that it is the inspector who is calling him so he has to come. Karthik tells that if they do not go then it will create more problems. Sameer Hughes mentions to Ganesh that he is also happy that Parita is coming back.