Qurbaan Hua 14th September 2020 Written Episode Update

Chahat sits in the car and at first she thinks what she should do. She is not able to connect to the internet. Neil listens carefully to her every concern. She says that he could not connect to the internet that there is no sign he has Referring to Neil saying that not a single post is being uploaded she says that she can use her mobile data as she has full signal or looks back but is not able to find sleep then suddenly signal See he and when he doesn’t call he says he doesn’t know what he can do. He’s on the CD and making sure Chahat is able to get the signal. I tell Akash to his sister that he Not doing anything for wishing, but will be standing on Shirdi all night, then both Chahat and Neil are sleeping, still working, in the morning, when the fine is praying.

Anil is seen standing on a CD and sleeping Hai tries to wake him up but he does not get up, then he sees Chart getting out of the car and he asks what he is doing. I answer that she was not able to watch the film. She helped him. Jamun says that if Heer and Ranjha were in their time, they would not do for each other but share the hotspots when the warehouse is talking. Bhari said that I can come into the house and take care of it and orders the berries down from the roof Chahat calls her saying that she has to go to the hospital but when can she go to work in the kitchen He says that he will take care of the kitchen but he should not think that he is doing it because she is doing it only because she is taking care of those people in the hospital.

Neil says that he will never clean the utensils and someone in the bed is cleaning the utensils. I order him not to lift the veil because it is not half in his house although it is the idiot who thinks how to remove the veil. Maybe because otherwise his identity will be revealed, wants to be in the hospital, studies all the files of those patients who are in ICU and they know Lata says she is above 8 years old. Business is for Vyas ji as she does not know that she steps in for her reaction then he decides to join the two while Neil is angry with her for making him Because his truth can be revealed and he angrily pulls out of it which creates a rift between them.He is happy with them realizing that he may be worried for him and for this he tries to do yoga Doing so that he can stay healthy but he claims that he does not know that he has been doing yoga for the last 50 years. Chahat also instructed Neil to give him a vitamin C pill that would improve his health.

Godavari said If he wants to, he will remove himself. Neil came with the black board saying that he has brought what he wants. I say he likes to talk and subtract both. Is that she does not understand what has to be given. I ask that she will make sure that there is nothing and to rest the godown full which We should give it but she says that she has to stay and watch Vyas ji is in the room and perform yoga. He thinks that he should go to the hospital and learn yoga so that Vishnu will be able to do his field, he will be able to regain his Hai he drops the utensil while cleaning and breaks one of those who have gone through. He gets emotional and starts killing her. Neil sees the saree falling and he quickly sends it away.